Welcome to sunny Korriban - the homeworld of the Sith Academy. If you're playing a strong Light Side character, you'll find yourself tiptoeing around trouble here. If you're a Dark Side fellow, revel in all the damage and Dark Side points you can gain.

Main Quest
Once you reach Korriban, go find Yuthura in the local cantina and convince her that you would make a great Sith. If you can't convince her, get a Sith Medallion (most likely from a fight with other Sith students) and show it to her to gain entrance. Once in, you'll be part of a contest to gain prestige with Uthar, the master of the academy. To earn prestige, perform the Sidequests to gain five points to win. Depending on who you double cross, either Yuthura or Uthar will be poisoned and weak when you face them after you finish the final trial. Get enough prestige and Uthar and Yuthura will take you to Tomb of Naga Sadow. Here, you need to fight some enemies on your own. In the west is a fight with two very hard tarenteraks. Once they are defeated, open to door with the lever and grab the Cold and Hot Grenades from the pillars. In the east chamber is a "Tower of Hanoi" puzzle. To complete, do the following steps: Top from left to middle, Mid-Upper from left to right, Top from middle to right, Mid-Lower from left to middle, Top from right to left, Mid-Upper from right to middle, Top from left to middle, Base from left to right, Top from middle to right, Mid-Upper from middle to left, Top from right to left, Mid-Lower from middle to right, Top from left to middle, Mid-upper from left to right, and Top from middle to right. Head into the south chamber, which is got a nice pool of acid to pass. Use the Cold grenade to get past the acid. Once in the final chamber, grab the Sith Lightsaber and Star Map. On your return, you'll have to chose to either side with Uthar and fight Yuthura, side with Yuthura and fight Uthar and just fight both. If you fight and kill both, you'll most likely have to fight your way back to the Ebon Hawk through the whole Academy.

Code of the Sith - Dark Side - Speak to Yuthura in the academy rooms about the Sith Code and then find Master Uthar and answer in the following order: passion, strength, power, victory, my chains are broken. Then you'll be asked another question. The three questions and answers are as follows: Passion that fuels the force: true; Nothing worse than love: false; Victory is always desirable: false.
Aiding Lashowe - When you run into Lashowe in the Sith Academy, sweet talk her into letting you aid her in her quest for a holocron. When you meet up with her in the valley, you'll have to kill a tuk'ata motherbeast. Once the beast is dead, she'll take the holocron. Light Side - Let her take the holocron and credit. Dark Side - Kill her, take the holocron back to Uthar and get the credit and prestige.
Renegade Sith - You can get this quest from either Yuthura or the Sith Teacher near the exit from the academy. Apparently some Sith students are hiding out in the Shyrack caves. Light Side - Find the Sith in the cave and kill the monsters in the cave to let them escape. Go back to Uthar and lie about them, telling him that you killed them. Dark Side - Don't lie - do kill them and tell Uthar the truth.
The Double Cross - When you first run into Yuthura in the Sith Academy, she'll try to get you to join her in attacking Uthar during the final test. This and the Double-Double Cross quests play out during the main quest. If you wish a Light Side result, don't tell Uthar about the Double Cross and try to turn Yuthura to the Light Side when everything is said and done.
The Double-Double Cross - After the Double Cross is initiated, go to Uthar and tell him about what's been planned. He'll have you go to Adrenas near the exit to the Valley to have him poison Yuthura. You may have to go out into the valley and return for him to show up. Now, if you want to, you can go back to Yuthura and tell her about the Double-Double Cross without admitting to it. Yuthura will give you a key and poisoning device to place in Uthar's bed. Go and place the device. Use this time to get the datapad for Dustil (Carth's Quest).
A Doubting Sith - You may run across a student named Kel, who's having some serious doubts. Light Side - Persuade him to leave the Academy. Dark Side - You can tell him to stick out with his training, kill him or just rat him out to Uthar.
The Hermit in the Hills - There's a Sith Teacher who will tell you about Jorak Uln, who has taken up residence in the Tomb of Tulak Hord. Head into the tomb and you'll find yourself knocked out. You'll find yourself with Jorak and another Sith apprentice, Mekel. You must answer a series of questions. If you answer more right than wrong, Mekel dies and you get to move on. Light Side - Intentionally answer three wrong to spare Mekel and yourself. Then, you and Mekel will attack Jorak. If Mekel survives, you can choose to kill him or let him survive. Take Jorak's tablet and show it to Uthar for a prestige point. The correct answers to the questions are: 1. I take the opportunity to kill him. 2. I take the reward and leave the weak fools to their fate. 3. I keep it to myself. 4. Kill him. 5. A true Sith never dies.
The Mandalorian Weapons Cache - In the interrogation room, you can offer to interrogate a prisoner. Dark Side - You need to get the prisoner to a drug level of 9 by giving him a high dose of truth, small dose of antiserum and then another high dose of truth. Of course, the interrogator will try to take credit. Kill him and go to Uthar for the Prestige payoff. Light Side - Persuade the prisoner that you'll knock him into a come so that he can sneak off from the infirmary later. Pump him full of drugs. It really helps to have a high Computer Skill not to outright kill the prisoner.
Rogue Droid - In the Tomb of Marko Ragnos is a droid that's become oversensitive to sound, who is surrounded by war droids. Once you enter the tomb, there'll be a body with a sound dampening stealth unit. Fight your way to the main room of the tomb and place the unit on before entering. Using the stealth unit will at least keep you initially out of a fight. Dark Side - Just go in and blast the droid. This will be harder than most droid fights as it is resistant to Force Powers. Light Side - Tell the droid you'll aid it be reprogramming it. Deactivate the system matrixes in the following order: Combat, Motor Function, Sensor Systems, Memory, Cognitive, Emotional, Creative Simulation, Core. Tell Uthar that the droid is gone for a prestige point.
The Tomb/Sword of Ajunta Pall - Go to the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, fight your way to an obelisk that bars your path. Place a Plasma Grenade inside the obelisk and work on to the main part of the tomb. Take the three blades from the tomb. A spirit will ask you to place one in the statue at the back of the room. Place the notched blade in the statue. On your way back, another student will tell you to give him the sword. You can give him the real sword, a fake sword or just kill him altogether. If you give him the fake sword, give the real sword to Uthar.


Players will run into Malak's ship after getting the third Star Map. When captured, you'll have six means by which to escape. You have to choose one ally who will get you out.

Canderous - From the medical room he revives in, have Canderous grab his equipment and proceed to blast your way through the Sith until you reach the detention area. You'll find a lone Rodian who'll give you an ICE breaker if you set him free. Use the ICE breaker to hack the nearby computer to unlock the door to the torture room where Carth, Bastila and your main character are.
Mission - With Mission, you'll need to use her stealth and security skills to sneak out of her cell, subdue the guards and unlock the cell where the lone Rodian is. Take his ICE Breaker and set the others free. Note: There is a potential "glitch" if you keep Mission in stealth mode when she approaches Carth to initiate the cutscene. Make sure you've turned off the stealth unit or the game may be stuck.
T3-M4 - Hopefully, you've equipped this little droid with decent armor and weapons are you'll need to fight enemies in the main corridor. First, you'll need to counter-hack the droid trying to hack T3-M4. Input the following numbers to disable it:3, 10 and 11. Unlock the Rodian's cell (not the crazy ones, mind you) and take the ICE breaker to set the others free.
HK-47 - As with Canderous, use HK-47 to plow through enemies in the main corridor and head over to the Rodian who trades his freedom for the ICE breaker. Use it to open the door to your friends.
Jolee - Use Force Persuasion to get the guard to release you from your prison. Hopefully, Jolee will have an offensive Force power or two to help him out. Force Whirlwind should do just fine. Grab a keycard off of the Sith Guard to let the Rodian free for the ICE breaker. Head to the nearby computer and let your friends out.
Juhani - Juhani will sneak into the area. Have her dispatch the nearby enemies and set free the Rodian for the ICE breaker. Go to the computer to set Bastila, Carth and your main character loose.

Once you set everyone free, you'll be in command of Carth, Bastilla and your main character. At this point, you'll need to fight your way to the elevator and take it up to the Bridge. Once on the Bridge level, fight more Sith and Dark Jedi. Make sure to pick up a space suit from the Armory and head to the airlock. Once in, you'll change to the space suit and take a walk outside to get onto the Bridge. Once you reach the Bridge, you'll have to fight Saul Karath, Sith troopers and Dark Jedi. Get away from the grenade-throwing troops near the door and take out the Dark Jedi first. After they fall, the rest of the troops should drop easily. Saul is no more challenge than any other Sith. Head back to the elevator and head down to the Hangar. You'll have to fight a lot of Sith and Dark Jedi in the Hangar bridge. Keep moving on and you'll run into Malak. Load up on stimulants and go toe-to-toe with Malak, making sure to heal up often. Use the same tactics you used to defeat Darth Bandon to survive this fight.

Unknown World

Once you head to the Unknown World, you're basically stuck there until you finish the main quest. If you have sidequests to finish, you might want to do them before heading here. The Unknown World is full of young Rancor to fight, so expect a good challenge when it comes to fights.

Main Quest
After you crash down on the planet, you'll need to find parts to repair your ship and then find a way to get to the Star Forge. There are parts by a wrecked ship on your way to the South Beach and in the Black Settlement of The One. You can get inside the Temple with the help of either The One or the Elders. To get either their help, you must side with them and do something for them. For The One, you need to destroy the Elders, release the prisoners and retrieve an ancient tome for him. To get their Elders to help you, you need to go back and release a scout from the Black Settlement. This will involve a number of fights, including one where you have to take on multiple Rancor and Ratakan fighters. When done, you'll be allowed to enter the Temple. Jolee and Juhani will request that they come with you. Once inside the temple, expect to fight a number of droids, Sith and Dark Jedi. Fight your way down into the lower catacombs, you'll come across a floor puzzle of 3 x 3 lighted squares that change color when you walk over them. Go into solo mode and walk on each of the corners. On the last corner, move to the center panel to open the door. Go to the computer to gain information about the Ratakan Research and gain access to the roof. Head back up and go through the one door near the entrance you previously could not pass through. Once up there, you'll have to fight an old friend who now has tough Dark Jedi powers. Once you've gotten your old friend down to half VP, you'll be given a chance to choose Dark Side or Light Side. If you choose Dark Side, you'll have to fight Juhani and Jolee to the death. If you choose Light, finish your fight with your old ally. Either way turn off the generator by using the computer at the summit. Return to the Ebon Hawk with the parts and repair it to leave.

Invisible Mandalorians - If you talk to the outcasts under The One's command, a Ratakan by the name of Warleader Garn will tell you of Mandalorians that are ambushing his men in the Temple Exterior. There's a pillar on the south side that once you approach, the Mandarlorians will appear. Defeat them and take the leader's head back.
Ratakan Research - If you side with the Elders, a researcher by the name of Ll'awa will ask you to retrieve genetic data from the Temple Catacombs. During the main mission, you'll be able to get this info and head back.

Star Forge

Once you reach the deck, you'll run into a major fight between the Jedi and Dark Jedi. Unless you are in need of experience at this point, I'd suggest moving on. Run past it and head into the heart of the Star Forge. Here you'll find yourself swamped with Sith Troopers, Dark Jedi and droids as you fight your way. Keep fighting (and stopping to heal between fights) and get to the heart of the Star Forge. If you didn't side with your old ally, you'll have to fight them here, with a chance to redeem them. If you sided with them, you'll face more Dark Jedi, who should be no challenge compared to fighting your ally. Once done, more on to find yourself besieged by droids from Malak. There are six droid generators that you need to disable as they constantly regenerate droids when you destroy one. Hack the nearby computers to either disable the generators or create a droid of your own. Once you get past the droid generators, you have to face Malak in a one-on-one battle. Here, Malak has Jedi captured in stasis chambers so that he can re-heal himself after you wear him down. After the first time he drains a Jedi, run around the room, killing the Jedi or destroying the chambers they are in. This requires the ability to throw your lightsaber or use the Disable Droid, Drain Life or Kill powers. If you don't have any of the required skills, you're just going to have to tough it out. Use lots of stimulants and just go toe-to-toe with the Sith Lord until he drops.

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