The familiar sand planet will pit you against some foes that Star Wars fans have been itching to get a piece of - the Tusken Raiders, or Sand People. Depending on which classes you chose, the fights with these enemies can prove to be challenging at lower levels. If you find yourself dying often out on the Dune Sea, take a trip to another planet and come back later.

Main Quest
First thing's first - you need a Hunter's license. Go to the Czerka office and talk to the protocol officer to get one. Of course, this means you'll agree to massacre the sand people, but the only proof you need of this are the gaffi sticks. On your way out of town, you'll run into three dark Jedi, who should provide a decent challenge as they use dark powers against you along with their lightsabers. Get out to the Dune Sea and fight the sandpeople by the entrance to the Sand People Territory until you have some Sand People outfits. These will get you into the enclave and past the gunnery turrets that make approaching the enclave murderous. You have two options by which to proceed. You can choose to fight your way through the sand people or you can buy HK-47 from Yuka Laka to translate your conversations. Or, you can purchase HK-47, get inside and still fight the Sand People. Yuka Laka will initially want 5000 credits, but you can persuade him to go down to 3000 or threaten him down to 2500. If you want to go the peaceful route, be sure not to open any crates or try to set the prisoners free without permission. The Sand People will ask you to get them a moisture vaporator. Go back to Anchorhead and buy one from the Czerka office and return with it. Depending on how you act, you get a map to the Eastern Dune Sea from either the Sand People or Iziz. Head into the Eastern Dune Sea, where you'll find Komad by the Krayt Dragon Cave. He'll suggest a course of action - take some bantha fodder and attract the nearby banthas. After a Sand People attack, take the bantha over to the cave. Once the Krayt Dragon goes down, head into the cave and get this planet's Star Map. Dark Side - You can kill Komad for his Krayt Dragon Pearl.

Middleman - Talk to Sharina Nal out in the city street. She'll ask you to buy the Wraid Plate for 500 credits. Light Side - You can buy the plate and then sell it in the hunter's lodge once you get your license. For even more light side points, you can throw in a little extra money for the sake of goodness. Dark Side - Persuade her to let you sell the plate without paying her and then don't bother to go back once you do sell it off.
Tatooine Swoop Bike Racing - The purpose of this quest is just to race against the other racers for racing bonds from Motta the Hutt.
Signing Nico - Motta the Hutt wants to sign Nico, but for you to do so, you must complete the Swoop Bike Racing quest for Nico to give you the time of day. Light Side - Persuade Motta to give Nico a better contract than the one currently on the table. At this point, you should be able to convince Nico to accept. Dark Side - Convince or Persuade Nico to accept the less-than-great contract as is.
Fair Trade - By the gate to the Dune Sea is a Jawa by the name of Iziz, who lets you know that the Sand People have taken his fellow Jawas prisoner. He pleads with you to rescue them. This quest can be performed alongside the main quest, so your actions during the main quest really have an effect on how you deal with this quest. Light Side - If you choose the peaceful method of using HK-47 to talk your way into favor with the Sand People, ask about the Jawa prisoners. Once you're told they can go free, find where they're held captive and let them go. Dark Side - If you chose to fight your way through the enclave, you'll find the captive jawas and set them free. Either way, return to where Iziz is to finish the quest.
Tanis Trapped - You'll run into a woman named Marlena as you head out into the Dune Sea. Walk out further and you'll run into Tanis, who is trapped between his droids, which are set to explode if tampered with. Solve each of the robot's malfunctions to set Tanis free. Droid K-X12A - Node 2 is reporting accurately. Droid K-X12B - 7. Droid K-X12C - 120 large pulses. Droid K-X12D - 31-13-12-14 * 23-41-12-14.
Worthy of History - To learn the oral history of the Sand People, just bring them a Krayt Dragon Pearl and you'll be directed to the storyteller. Since you gain this item during the main quest, all you have to do is be patient and try not to slaughter the Sand People beforehand. Of course, if you don't want to lose your Krayt Dragon Pearl, listen to the story and then pick a fight with the Sand People. Once you've killed them, pick up the pearl off of the dead storyteller and go on your way.


This water world will force you to make some serious choices between Light Side and Dark Side decisions. Depending on your choice in the main quest, the price of healing items may become ridiculously high. Note: If you don't have a high persuade ability, you may be forced to pay up to 500 credits every time you visit Manaan after you take violent means to some of the quests.

Main Quest
When you arrive, you'll discover some serious tensions between the Republic and Sith forces on this neutral site. Head to the Republic base and talk to Roland Wann to get the task of breaking into the Sith base. To do this, you have three means by which to gain access. #1 - You can interrogate a prisoner to get the passcode of "zeta 245698 alpha" to imprint on a card. This requires a good bit of skill when it comes to persuasion as you'll need to make the spy succumb to threats toward himself, his family and comrades. If you continue to fail, you might need to try one of the avenues. #2 - You can forge a passcode card with the following string of numbers: 22, 18, 64, 2, 6, 7. #3 - Take the key Roland gives you and enter the private Sith Hangar. Make your way to the hangar. Wait for the cameras to turn off and enter the bay. Slaughter the Sith and Dark Jedi and get on the transport to enter the the Sith Base. No matter which means you take to get in, your purpose is to find the Republic Droid. At this point, you're going to want to work your way through the whole base, hopefully dealing with the Selkath in the sidequest. Be sure to visit the Dark Jedi Master's quarters, kill him and take his datapad. The datapad will give you a great defense in court later. When you leave, you'll get arrested by the Selkath. Once on trial, be sure to represent yourself (the Selkath will get you convicted) and give the judges the datapad that proves the Sith were plotting an overthrow of the government. This clears you of the charges. Once this is done, return to the Republic Base and speak to Roland Wann. He'll ask you to go down and investigate their secret underwater base. Take the sub down to the underwater base, where you'll have to fight through droids and crazed Selkath. Be sure to grab the envirosuit and sonic emitter before heading out one of the airlocks and over to the second part of the base. When attacked by a fixara, use the sonic emitter to defeat them. When you enter the second area of the base, you'll run into two scientists who try to depressurize your area. Persuade them to get them to drop the force field or try to hack the nearby computer to drop it yourself. Ask the scientists about how to defeat the large fixara. Go back out and walk over to the harvester machinery. Light Side - Make the harvester explode with the following steps: Fill injector to max, transfer from injector to container, fill injector to max, transfer from injector to container, empty container pod, transfer from injector to container, fill injector to max and transfer. Dark Side - Release the toxin to kill the large fixara. Also, you can get more Dark Side points by telling the scientists you'll do as you please and kill them. Either way, go over to the Star Map. Once done, you'll be arrested by the Selkath again. If you poisoned the fixara, you'll be banned from Manaan. If you chose the light path, explain that you calmed the guardian.

Sunry Murder Trial - To get this quest, you must have Jolee in your party when you reach Ahto West. Speak to the Selkath judge to inform them that you wish to represent Sunry. Speak to Sunry and then go to the hotel. Speak to the witnesses. You may need to persuade or bribe the witnesses to reveal more than they usually would. Gluupor should admit that the Sith paid him to place the medal. You can also talk to Sunry's wife to find out about Sunry's affair with the Sith woman. During the trial, be sure to ask if the witnesses actually saw the murder, mention that Elassa is a Dark Jedi, mention that Gluupor placed the medal, ask Elora about the affair (if she admits to it), and ask Sunry about his ending the affair. In your final statements, be sure to mention that the affair was over and that no one saw the murder. The judges should come back with a not guilty verdict. Dark Side - Hack the computer in the Republic base to find a video of the actual murder. Submit it during the trial.
Missing Selkath - Before you enter the Sith base, speak to a Selkath by the name of Shaelas in the Mercenary Enclave. During the main quest, you'll find yourself in the Sith base. During this period of time, you'll run across some Selkath that are being trained as Sith. In the Torture Room, you'll find a dying Selkath who gives you a ceremonial pin to give to the others. Find some Selkath not ready for a fight and convince them by presenting the pin that the Sith are evil and are using them. Dark Side - Kill the Selkaths or convince them to stay.
Manaan Swoop Races - Much like on Tatooine, race against other racers for credits. Beat all the other racers to complete this quest.
Republic Hiring Mercenaries - In the Mercenary Enclave, Nilko Bwaas will ask you to look into the recent hiring of many mercenaries who have not returned. During the main quest, you'll run into the remnants of the mercenary forces. Take the info given you back to Nilko to finish the quest.


The planet of the Wookies provides players with a major Light Side/Dark Side choice - whether to liberate the Wookies or allow them the remain as slave labor to the Czerka Corporation. It is suggested that you bring Zalbaar with you when you enter the area for additional commentary. Once you get into the village, though, he will be taken captive. Luckily, when you leave, you'll have another Jedi to add to your roster.

Main Quest
When you reach Kashyyyk, you'll need to leave the landing port and head to the village of Rwookrrorro. On your way there, you'll run into a pack of three dark Jedi, who provide a decent challenge. Once you reach the village, Zalbaar will be taken hostage and you must go into the Shadowlands and deal with Freyyr. Once you reach the Upper Shadowlands, you'll run into Jolee, who asks you to remove the poachers. Dark Side - Fight the guards or get them to attack Dern. Light Side - Persuade the guards to look the other way while you disable the sonic emitters. Once two are disabled, the guards will have to evacuate. Go back to Jolee, who will join you and help you get through the barrier to the Lower Shadowlands. Note: To get into the Lower Shadowlands at any point in the game afterwards, you will need to have Jolle in your party. You now have two options - go to where the Star Map is or deal with Freyyr. Star Map - Talk to the computer. Light Side - Answer incorrectly (see the Dark Side answer) and fight the two droids. Dark Side - Make sure to answer how a Sith would. #1 - I'm unsure what Zalbaar would say. I would accuse him to be safe. #2 - I prepare my forces to attack in ten days. I do nothing in the city. #3 - That's right. The death of those people would spur my forces on. #4 - I let the attack happen. Freyyr - Go over to the distraught Wookie and fight him until he cease to fight. Dark Side - Kill Freyyr. Light Side - Calm the Wookie down and go kill a viper kinrath near the ritual marker. Hang its body from a vine and kill the ritual beast. From the beast's body, you'll find Bacca's blade. Return this to Freyyr and head back to the lift. If you take this path, you'll have to fight a few Wookies at the lift. If you've spared Freyyr, you'll head back to the hall and be given two choices - side with Freyyr or Chuundar. Light Side - Side with Freyyr. This will lead into a full blown fight with Chuundar, some Wookies and Czerka troops. Luckily, you have Zalbaar and Freyyr on your side, making this fight fairly easy, especially if you waste the Wookies first. Dark Side - Take Chuundar's side. If you kill Freyyr in either opportunity, you'll be kicked out of the Wookie village for the rest of the game.

Honest Debt - Talk to Eli Gand and Matton Dasol near the landing port to discover that Matton is stuck paying off his friends' debt. Once you head down into the Upper Shadowlands, you'll find a droid that records what happened to Matton's friends. Take the droid head back to resolve the quest. Dark Side - You can convince Matton to kill Eli and take over his store. Note: If you choose to side with Freyyr before finishing this quest, the quest will be finished without any payoff.
A Wookie Lost - After talking to Woorwill and Jaarak in the Wookie village, you'll need to go to the Upper Shadowlands and find Rorworr's body. Return to Jaarak and question him about the bowcaster bolt. Go to the Holder of the Laws' home and speak to Worrroznor about the murder. Light Side - Convince the Holder that Jaarak was justified. Dark Side - Convince the Holder that it was cold-blooded murder. Note: If you choose to side with Chuundar, this quest needs to be completed before you deal with Freyyr.
Tach Poaching - When Jolee sends you to deal with the Czerka poachers, you can actually make a quick buck with them by letting them spray you with a chemical that will draw the Tachs to you. Kill some Tachs, take their glands and return to Dern for your reward. You will also receive some dark side points for this deed.
Hidden Hunters - You will come across a Wookie in the Lower Shadowlands who is fighting Mandalorians. Help him finish off the enemies and heal him to receive this quest. If you choose not to heal him, he dies and the quest dies with him. You will need to find the Mandalorian's swoop bikes. At this point, unequip your team and walk around the area until you get into two separate fights. Take the datapads from the corpses and take it back to the swoop bikes to initiate a final fight against the last of the Mandalorians.

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