Endar Spire

The first area of the game is basically a tutorial stage that sets you up with the standard gameplay elements. There are no additional quests in this section. When you start the stage, you'll be temporarily allied with Trask Ulgo. The path is pretty linear and you'll only have to deal with Sith soldiers along the way.


Once you make it to Taris, you'll be able to return to the apartment to heal up, upgrade weapons at the workbench and swap out allies (once you gain more than two). You'll find a lot to do here, but be sure to complete everything before you head on to Davik's Estate.

Main Quest
Once you get familiar with the area, head over to the Upper City Apartments 2, where you'll walk upon a Sith interrogation. Take out the troops and pick up a Sith Uniform off of one of the bodies. Equip the Sith Uniform to get past the guard at the elevator to the Lower City. Once down there, go to the Hidden Bek base, where you'll swap the uniform for security papers and get the next step in your mission: you need to head down to the sewers and find Mission Vao and her Wookie friend, who will help you get into the Black Vulkars' base. Once you leave the Hidden Bek base, head west until you reach the Sith soldier and gun turrets. Show him the papers and head down the elevator to the undercity. Once in the undercity, go through the gate. You'll run into Mission. Team up with her and head into the sewers, where you'll need to fight through Gamorreans and Rakghouls until you find Zaalbar. Once you free him, head to the control panel and force field. Mission will turn it off. Head down the hall to a room where a Rancor waits. Check the severed arm near the door for some Synthetic Scent. Go into solo mode and have someone use a stealth unit to sneak out to the corpse pile. Open the pack, toss in a grenade and the Synthetic Scent and let the Rancor take care of itself. Now, head into the Black Vulkar base and fight room to room until you reach the elevator. I'd suggest hacking a computer to turn off the gun turrets by the elevator. Once down in the hangar, you'll be given two options. Light Side - Fight Kandon Ark and some troops to get the prototype accelerator. Take it back to the Hidden Bek base. Dark Side - Make a deal with Kandon to go back to the Hidden Bek base and assassinate Gadon. You'll get the security codes to gain access to the rest of the base. You can fight your way to the elevator to Gadon's room. Kill him and return to the Black Vulkars' base. No matter which side you choose, you'll be taken to the Swoop Bike race, which you must win by the fifth heat. Once you win, Brejik refuses to give you your prize. Things work out to your benefit as your main character and Bastila will take out his goons with little trouble. Make sure to examine Brejik's body to get Bastila's lightsabre. Once through with this part, you'll be told to meet with Canderous Ordo in the Upper City Cantina. There you'll be told to pick up a droid from the droid shop (either you can pay for it or threaten the shop keeper for dark side points). Once you have T3-M4, go to the Sith Base and use the droid to get inside. You can bribe or persuade the secretary not to set off the alarm. Either way, work your way through the base until you reach the Sith Governor, who has the codes you're looking for. This boss has a variety of Dark Force powers, so you may find yourself in a serious challenge here. Keep everyone healthy and lay into him. Once you have the codes, go to the Lower City Cantina, where he'll take you to meet Davik. With Canderous and one other ally, you'll have to locate Hudrow, who is in the torture chamber. Setting him free will get you the passcodes to the Ebon Hawk. Fight your way to the hangar, where you'll have to face Davik and Calo Nord. To start this fight, have everyone use energy shields to deflect some of the blaster bolts. Toss a couple grenades at Calo. While Davik may seem like the easier target, focusing on him will allow Calo to wear you down quickly. Once Calo takes enough damage, the fight will end. Get on the ship and get off of Taris.

Rapid Transit System - This really isn't much of a quest, but another part of the training. Leave the apartments and then check your map in the menu. Hit the X button to return to the apartment to finish this quest.
The Duel Ring - Go into the Upper City Cantina and speak to Ajuur the Hutt to take part in a series of five one-on-one duels. Deadeye Duncan, Gerlon Twofingers and Ice are all pretty easy and can be dealt with in any standard method. Marl will be the first fighter who will give you a serious challenge. He uses some viscous melee attacks, so you'll want to keep at a distance and try to hit him with grenades, especially of the concussion variety. Twitch is a little easier - he prefers to just gun it out with you. If you have a good melee weapon, you may just want to get in close and fight him hand-to-hand. Once you're through with Twitch, you can challenge Bendak Starkiller to a fight to the death (see Bounty Hunter quests).
Pazaak Rules - All you have to do is find Garouk in the Upper City Cantina and take his cards off of him. Listen to the rules to finish this quest.
Rakghoul Serum - You'll get this quest in the clinic in the Upper City from Zelka Forn. On your way out, his assistant, Gurney, will inform you of another option. To get the serum, find the Sith body in the undercity near one of the entrances to the sewers. Light Side - Take the serum back to Zelka Forn and refuse any kind of payment. Dark Side - Take the serum to Zax in the Lower City Cantina.
Dancer Help - In the Lower City Cantina is a Twi'lek who needs a partner to help he get the dance job she's auditioning for. You'll be given three chances to dance with her. You can goof around on the first two, but the third dance is the most important. Light Side - Dance close to her to earn her the job. Dark Side - Intentionally mess up and then blame the dancer for being a poor dancer.
Bounty Quest: Matrik - Talk to Zax in the Lower City Cantina to get this bounty. Matrik is hiding in a room in the lower city's second apartment area. Light Side - Talk to Matrik and then go buy explosives from the equipment tower. Come back, set the explosives and then lie to Zax about Matrik's demise. Dark Side - Find Matrik and blast him.
Bounty Quest: Dia - Talk to Zax in the Lower City Cantina to get this bounty. Find Dia is the Upper City Apartments. Light Side - Talk to Dia and then find Holdan in the Lower City Cantina. Persuade, bribe or threaten him to get the bounty lifted. Return to her to finish the quest. Dark Side - Find Dia and kill her.
Bounty Quest: Largo - Talk to Zax in the Lower City Cantina to get this bounty. You may also run into Largo and other bounty hunters in the Upper City to get this quest. Light Side - Save Largo from the bounty hunters (if present) and pay off his debt or just forget you saw him. Dark Side - Waste him and tell Zax.
Bounty Quest: Bendak Starkiller - Talk to Zax in the Lower City Cantina to get this bounty. You will need to complete the Duel Ring quest to get your shot at him in the duel arena. Bendak opens with grenades then switches to a blaster attack. He also has a vibroblade if you get in close. Lob grenades and keep on the move until he runs out of grenades. Then wear him down and keep healing. Return to Zax.
Bounty Quest: Selven - Talk to Zax in the Lower City Cantina to get this bounty. Find Selven in the first Lower City Apartments. Waste her with little compunction and go see Zax.
Rukil's Apprentice - Find Rukil in the outcast settlement in the Undercity. He'll ask you to locate Mayla. You'll find her corpse beyond the gate. Grab her journal and bring it back to Rukil to get the Promised Land quest.
Infected Outcasts - Go to the infected lockup in the outcast settlement and fight the Rakghouls. Once you defeat them, talk to the survivors. They'll ask for serum to cure them. Light Side - Use the serum you find in the Rakghoul Serum quest to cure them. You'll have enough left to finish that quest as well.
The Promised Land - Rukil will ask you to find three journals - the first being Mayla's. Find the other two inside the sewers. Light Side - Bring the three journals to Rukil to complete the quest. Dark Side - Bring the three journals to Igear, who will buy them off of you.


Dantooine is where your player goes from normal citizen to Jedi Padawan. Once the events on Dantooine are over, players can visit Manaan, Tatooine, Kashyyyk or Korriban in any order.

Main Quest
Your first task is to seek out the Jedi Council to get started on your path towards being a Jedi. After some story portions, seek out Zhar to begin three tests. The first test requires you to answer the Jedi Code with the following responses: There is peace, There is knowledge, There is serenity, There is harmony, There is the Force. Next, you'll need to speak to Dorak to get your lightsaber crystal. He'll ask you some questions and suggest a class for you, but you can make your own choice in the end. Take the crystal back to Zhar, where you'll take it to the nearby workbench to build your lightsaber. The last test sends you out to the Ancient Grove, located on the east side of the Grove. There, you'll have a one-on-one fight with Juhani. Defeat her and you'll have two options: Light Side - Convince her to return to the Jedi Enclave and the light side. You'll need to respond a certain way and having a decent ability to persuade will make it easier. Luckily, if you mess up, you can always try again. Dark Side - Kill her. I wouldn't suggest this path as Juhani is a good character to recruit. Return to Zhar after this quest to finish it. Next, the Jedi Council will send you to the Rakata Ruins. There, you'll be told by an ancient droid to enter both side rooms to unlock the main door. Inside each room is another ancient droid and a computer to access. Players will need to speak to the computer, insert their datapad and talk again. At this point, you'll need to define either the three life or death-giving seed types (Life: Arboric, Grassland, and Oceanic; Death: Barren, Desert, Volcanic). Once through, go into the main chamber. Return to the Jedi Council and move on with your quest. Don't forget to check out the Crystal Cave on the east side of the Sandral Grounds to get more crystals for your lightsabers.

Mandalorian Raiders - In the courtyard, you'll get this quest from Jon. Agree to wipe out the Mandalorians, and you'll find three groups to deal with, one in each the Sandral Grounds, Grove and Matale Grounds. Once you finish all three of these off, you'll find Sherruk and his own group in the Grove. While the other groups prove a small challenge, this last pack can be considerably more dangerous. If you have stealth, sneak up near the group and set some mines. Move in close enough to set off a cutscene and then toss a couple grenades (especially Concussion and CryoBan to immobilize Sherruk's men). Move back and let Sherruk follow you away from his pack, where you can go three-on-one with the dangerous soldier. Once he goes down, polish off his allies and head back to Jon to finish the quest.
Missing Companion - Outside the courtyard, you get this request from Elise to find her droid, who is in the Sandral grounds. Save the droid from local beasts and talk to him. Light Side - Agree to kill the droid and tell Elise what happened. Later, she'll be in the Jedi Enclave with another man, moving on with her life. Dark Side - Tell the droid you're going to destroy him and tell Elise that he escaped you. Waste the droid and tell Elise that he's still out there.
Murdered Settler - In the grove, a Jedi named Bolook asks you to help him solve a murder. This will involve questioning the suspects (Handon and Rickard) and the droid and then returning to Bolook. First time, tell him Rickard is lying because it was cloudy. Second time, tell Bolook that Rickard is lying because they had a fight over business matters. The third time, tell him that the blaster belonged to Handon. Then tell Bolook that the blood on the weapon is Handon's and that he's clutching his side. The final solution is that both men are guilty, because Handon's wife was having an affair with Calder.
Dead Settler - After the Jedi trials, you'll find the body of Casus Sandral in the Matale Grounds. Go to the Sandral estate and tell the droid of your discovery. The droid will let you in and you can tell Nurik Sandral of his son's demise.
Sandral/Matale Feud - After completing your Jedi trials, go to the Matale estate and speak with Ahlan Matale about his missing son. Go to the Sandral estate and speak with Nurik Sandral about Shen Matale. After the conversation ends, Rahasia Matale informs you that Shen is a prisoner and gives you a key to the backdoor of the estate. Head around and fight your way to Shen's cell. He'll tell you he can't leave without Rahasia. Find her and then go back and get Shen. Once outside, you'll be in the middle of a confrontation between the two families. Light Side - Convince the two sides to calm down and use Persuasion to convince the fathers to let the children go. If you fail the Persuasion, the children will run off. Dark Side - Keep telling the families that the conflict needs to end in violence and then tell Nurik Sandral that Matale murdered his son. You can also convince Shen and Rahasia to break up.

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