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The Arrow and The Casket - After the opening movie and a series of cutscenes, you will find yourself in the Dinning Room. Test out the controls, ignore the ink ribbon on the table until you need to save (it takes up inventory space you need), and then walk to the other end of the room. After the scene, go through the other door into the hall and head west and around the corner. After the cutscene, run back to where Barry is. Now head back to the Main Foyer and walk around behind the stairs. Now, go through the southeast door to the Art Gallery. Move the dresser over and go into the backroom. Pick up the Dagger and head back. You'll be attacked by a zombie. To conserve ammo, dodge him and go into the main room. Push the dresser back in front of the door, equip your knife and get on top of the dresser. Slash at the zombie until he drops. Leave the room and reenter to reset the dresser. Now, push it over to the statue and get the 1st floor map. Now, head up to the 2nd floor and enter the west door to the 2nd Floor Dinning Room. Avoid the zombie and push the statue through the opening. Go back down to the 1st Floor Dinning Room and leave the Blue Jewel until later. Go through the north door, go east, picking up and item off of the dead body and exiting through the west door to the Bird Cage Hall. Run up the stairs and enter the door to the Spear Hallway. Grab the Golden Arrow and examine it to get the Arrowhead. Exit through the south door and go to the Main Foyer. Take the north door to the Graveyard and head to the large gravestone. Place the Arrowhead and run down the stairs to the Casket Room. Grab the Book of Curse and examine it to get the Sword Key.

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Click on for larger map

The Sword Key - Now, go back to the Art Gallery and enter the southeast door. Run through the hall and exit into the Northeast Hall. Open the east door and grab the Chemicals from the Outside Storage. Go back to the Northeast Hall and enter the second eastern door across from the west doors. Pass through the Square Room to the Sitting Room. Grab the shotgun and head back to the Northeast Hall. After a cutscene, enter the L Hall through the west doors and then take the first north door to the East Stair Hall. Drop off what you don't want/need in the save room next to the stairs. Go up the stairs and take the south door to the 2nd Floor East Hall. Grab the Wooden Mount and take the northwest door into the Office, where you pick up the lighter and Dog Whistle. Exit into the 2nd Floor Northeast Hall and go to the eastmost door into the Fireplace Room. Use the lighter on the fireplace and then use the Wooden Mount on the area above the fireplace. Take the map. Make your way back to the 2nd Floor Dinning Room and open the northwest door to the 2nd Floor West Hall. Open the first door you come to and use the Dog Whistle on the West Outdoor Balcony. Kill the Cerberus and take the Dog Collar. Examine it for a coin and then examine the coin to get a Imitation of a Key. Now, go back to the Spear Hallway and enter the northeast door to the Armor Trap Hall. Pick up the key and place the Imitation Key in it's place before the blades kill you.

Richard, Music and the Clock - Head to the 2nd Floor Main Foyer and open the southeast door to the East Outside Balcony. Grab the Grenade Launcher and leave. Go to the 2nd Floor East Hall and open the second door to the Armor Room. DO NOT OPEN THE SOUTH DOOR YET. We'll come back to that later. Once in the Armor Room, you have to push the statues back in a certain order or get gassed (not fatal or poisonous, but damaging nonetheless). Push the statues in this order: Back Left, Front Right, Back Right, Back Left, Front Left, Back Right, Front Right, Front Left, Front Right. Now, press the button and take the Puzzle Box. Examine it and solve the puzzle by pressing the button on the back and then the button on the front for a Death Mask. Go back to the 2nd Floor Northeast Hall and enter the first south door to the Deer Head Room. Enter the East Door to the Bug Collection Room. Grab the Fishhook, Bee Specimen and Lure of a Bee. Combine the Lure and Fishhook and place it in the Lure Collection Frame. Now, place the Bee Specimen in the Specimen Frame and flip the switch. Take the Wind Crest and leave. Now, get the lighter and go back to the 2nd Floor East Hall and open the south door to the Richard Hall. After the cutscene, go to the West Save Room to get the Serum. You have a limited amount of time, so go there and back with as little delay as possible. Alternative Strategy: If you let Richard die, you won't get his Assault Shotgun later in the game. To let Richard die, kill lots of time before coming back or go do the Armor Room puzzle after your visit to the Richard Hall. When you get back, go through the east door to the T-Hall, heading up to the north door to the Attic Dinning Room. Use the lighter on the candles and move the cabinet. Grab the Musical Score and make your way back to the West Save Room, where you need to grab the Blue Gem, Chemical and Armor Key. Now, head to the northeast door to the F Hall, where you need to go to the far east door to the Plant Room. Put the chemical in the water pump and throw the switch to red. Grab the Death Mask and head out back into the hall. Enter the door in the small hall to the Tiger Statue Room, where you will place the Blue Gem into the statue for shotgun shells. Leave the F Hall through the south door and head into the Dinning Room to pick up the Emblem over the Fireplace. Go back into the hall and unlock the second door to the east to enter the Piano Lounge. Push the shelf out of the way and pick up the Musical Score. Combine the two Musical Scores and place it on the piano. Now, enter the hidden room and take the Golden Emblem. Place the regular Emblem in it's place and go back to the Dinning Room, where you will need to place the Golden Emblem above the fireplace. Go over to the clock and turn the clock hands so that it reads 6 o'clock. Take the Shield Key.

Death Masks and a Snake - With Death Masks in hand, go to the L Hall and enter the south door to the Stained Glass Room. Here you will need to turn on lights to make each glass panel a certain color. One row of lights is red and the other is blue. You need to make the stained glass the following colors: Bracelet - Orange, Necklace - Purple, Crown - Green. Then hit the switch underneath the painting at the back of the room to open the wall into the Graveyard. Pick up the Death Mask and deposit both off in the Casket Room, placing both on the faces that correspond (missing eyes, missing nose, missing mouth, missing all). Now, go to the Richard Hall, enter the Attic Hall and go up to the Attic.
- If you saved Richard earlier, he'll help you out here. Shoot a few shots into the snake's head and keep moving. Try to avoid it's mouth at all costs or you'll be poisoned. After it kills Richard, keep shooting it in the head. After so much damage, it'll run off.
Alternative Strategy: If you let Richard die, you might as well just run for the mask and hope to escape before getting bit.
Pick up the assault shotgun, Death Mask and shotgun ammo and hustle back to the West Save Room for serum if you need it. If not, take the final Death Mask to the Casket Room and place it. Go over to the fallen casket. When the Crimson Head raises up, do your best to put him back down. If you have Flame Rounds for the Grenade Launcher, I would suggest using those, waiting for him to get back up before hitting him again. Once he finally goes down, look in the casket. Flip the switch and grab the Stone and Metal Object. Now, go to the L Hall and enter the northwest door to the Vine Hall. Place the Stone and Metal Object in the panel next to the door and enter the Garden Shed. Make sure you have the Wind Crest and exit through the south door.

Click on for larger mapThe Cabin and Something Ugly - Run up the Courtyard Path, making sure to turn the Red Weathervane to the West and the Blue Weathervane to the North. Go through to the Courtyard Graveyard. You might want to use the shotgun to get rid of the crows before they peck at you. Place the Wind Crest on the right tombstone and retrieve the three other crests. Examine each and place them on the left tombstone. Now take your Magnum. Head on through the east gate to the Forest and go to the Cabin. Grab the Crank and head out.
BOSS - You have two options: 1) Just keep shooting him. It's not like he can get to you. Or, 2) Push the green control panel into the water, throw the switch and let the fish fry.
Run back to the Garden Shed and take the east door to the Garden Courtyard. Take the north door to the Pond, where you need to use the crank to empty out the pool. Cross over to the other side and exit the door at the end to the Waterfall. Go to the west door and run up the Snake Hall until you reach the Residence.

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Jaws and One Really Big Plant - Once in the Entrance Hall, you might drop off items in the Save Room and then go to the east door into the Residence Bar. Grab the Red Book and leave. Take the south door in the Entrance Hall to the Main Hall. Grab the map and look through the hole behind it. Go over and enter the door marked 002. In Room 002, grab the 001 Key. Go back to the Entrance Hall and open the door to Room 001. Grab the Self Defense Gun and Control Room Key from the bathroom. Go back to Room 002 and push the left bookcase back and the right bookcase over to reveal a ladder. Click on for larger mapGo down the ladder to the Aqua Ring Hallway. Push the boxes into the water to make a bridge. Then, cross over and enter the Upper Tank. Dodge the sharks and make a break for the locked southwest door. Once in the Control Room, go over to the table and read the note. Remember the number and go over to the control panel with the Error Message. Push the button to initiate a cutscene. Now, you have a limited amount of time to do the following: 1) Release the safety on the panel to your right. 3) Pull the lever on the panel by the main window. 4) Go to the canisters in the back and select the same option as in the note. 5) Go back and release the safety switch. 6) Go back and pull the lever again. 7) Press the initial switch to drain pool. Now, take the north door to the Storage Hall and go into the Tank. Avoid the sharks and go up on the platform where the Gallery Key is.
BOSS - Just keep shooting him. It's not like he can get to you.
Head back to the Storage Hall and head to the ladder in the north. Exit through the door at the top and make your way back to the Main Hall, where you need to use the key to open the Gallery Door. Rush in and locate the corpse, picking up the Bug Repellent and heading back out. Use the Repellent on the hole where the map used to be. Now, go back in and grab the 003 Key and go to Room 003, where you'll need to take the White Book and replace it with the Red Book. Now, switch the books around to make a picture from the spines. Enter the door that's revealed.
BOSS - Run up onto the steps and shoot at it when the petals open up. Use your shotgun or grenade launcher and be sure to keep moving. You might want to have something to cure poison. Stay on the outer area to avoid the tentacles.
When the boss dies, grab the Helmet Key from the fireplace and make your way back to the mansion, more specifically, the Fireplace Room, where you can now enter the Moving Wall Room.

The Snake Returns - In the Moving Wall Room, push the statue out into the tiled floor as far as you can before the walls close in on you. Run back out and go to the right opening. Push the switch and run back to the statue. You need to push it to the far wall and then left into the opening, making sure to get out before getting crushed. This will open a door. Enter and drop down into the area below. Grab and examine the book for the Medal of Eagle and then press the button on the gravestone. Go down the ladder to the Basement Hall 1 and head for the Basement Hall 2. After turning on the power to the elevator, enter the north door to the Kitchen and go to the elevator. Once your elevator ride is over, hang a right and go to the first door. Grab the battery and exit through the west door. Go over to the 2nd Floor West Hall and open the door to the Trophy Room. Once in the Trophy Room, you need to turn the lights off and push the two chest of drawers in from of the animal head trophies. Now, walk all the way to one side of the room so that the rotating eagle trophy turns and locks in that position. Slowly, walk under it and sneak up to the chest of drawers on the other side. You need to be quick in getting up on the drawers and taking the gem from that trophy head. Now, do the same with the other. You now have the Red and Yellow Gems. Take the Yellow Gem down to the Tiger Statue Room to get the MO Disc. You need to combine the Red Gem with the Jewelry Box you got in the Mirror Room. Solve the puzzle by moving the pieces around (see picture) to get the Brooch, which becomes the Emblem Key, which unlocks the door to the Spencer Room. Head over and turn on the light. Pick up the Metal Object. Now, go to the Armor Trap Hall, where you will use the key to enter the Library. Run around until a cutscene.
BOSS - Get a few shots in and then run to the end of the walkway, going down the ladder before the boss knocks you down. Keep moving as to avoid getting attacked. Take a shot and then move. If you're lucky, you won't get bit.
After the fight, grab the book and examine it for the Medal of Wolf.

Click on for larger mapUnderneath the Waterfall - Go back to the Waterfall in the Courtyard (make sure you have the crank). Use the battery by the lift and go up. Run to the Pond and use the crank to refill the pool. Return to the Waterfall via the lift and enter the new path. Go down the ladder to the Mining Area. Take the first door and head to the north door in the next area. Once in the Elevator Shaft Room, head south and pass into the Enrico Room. After a cutscene, pick up the Hex Crank from the body and head back to the Mining Area. Use the crank to turn the hall so you can cross. Open the door and walk up to the boulder. Turn around and run like hell back to the door to avoid getting crushed. Go through where the boulder crashed.
BOSS - Keep moving. The big spider will charge you if you stand still too long and it likes to spit poison. Shoot at it with the grenade launcher (fire founds) until it goes down. Deal with the other spiders when they get close but don't make an effort to go after them until the big spider is dead.
Afterwards, grab the Knife and cut through the spiderwebs to exit out the other door. Run around until you see another boulder. Take the Hex Crank and use it three times. When the boulder comes loose, run into the opening you just made. Enter the Hex Puzzle Room. Push the statue north to the discolored part of the wall. Use the crank twice and then push the statue over to the turntable in the center of the room. After it rotates once, push the statue off and then on again. Now push it over to the opening in the wall. Grab the Cylinder and go back to the Elevator Shaft Room. Go to the power panel and take out the Cylinder Shaft. Combine the two pieces and put it back in the panel. Now press the buttons in this order: 4-2-3-1. Now, step onto the elevator and press the button to go down. At the bottom, enter the door and run through the Oval Hall to the east door. Push the crate onto the lift and push the button to send it on to the Compactor Room. Rush back there, making sure to throw the level in the south part of the Oval Hall (it'll save you time and trouble later) on your way back to the Compactor Room. Now, push the crate into the compactor and press the button to crush it. Jump down and pick up the broken flamethrower. Now go to the north door in the Oval Hall and place the broken flamethrower on the hooks next to the door. Enter into the Underground Dwelling, where you need to move through the water to get to the back part of the room. Grab the Jewelry box and examine it for the Stone Ring. Now, go up the 2 ladders to end up back in the Cabin. Head back to the Mansion's Main Foyer, making sure to grab the Stone and Metal Object in the Vine Hall on your way there. Combine the Stone Ring with the Metal Object and place both Stone and Metal Objects on the door underneath the stairs. Head down into the Altar, making sure you have both the Medal of Wolf and Medal of Eagle on you. Run though the hall and keep going down until you reach a ladder. Go down.
BOSS - Give Barry his gun. You could try and shoot it out, but conserve your ammo and do this: push all four stones off of the corners. Remember that this boss can move pretty fast and can jump. So, you might want to have it follow you to one side and then run to the other to push the stones off. Also, let Barry shoot it a couple times. Alternative Strategy: If you choose not to give Barry his gun, he'll get killed. You then need to push off the stones in each corner. You need to be more careful, though, as you do not have Barry to run interference for you. After the fight, pick up Barry's Magnum.
Talk to Barry again and head through the open gate to the lift at the end. Once in the Medal Pool, place the medals on the pool statues and go down the Elevator.

The Laboratory - Go to the ladder and go down into the save room. Exit into the B2 Hall and grab the MO Disc in the west end. Go down the steps to the B3 hall. Go the the northeast door to the Morgue and sign in to the computer. Log on as "John", password - "Ada". Unlock both the B-3F and B-2F doors. The password is "Cell". Run over to the B-3F Room and grab the MO Disc and Slide Filter. Use the MO Disc on the transmittal device and then head back up to B2, entering the door to the Meeting Room. Grab the MO Disc and use the Slide Filter on the projector. View the slides and take note of the code number on the last slide. Use it on the panel to open the hidden room, where you pick up the Laboratory Key. Go back down to B3 and unlock the south door to the Lab Storage. Push the shelves back and enter the air duct to get into the Operating Room. Go to the north duct opening to enter the other part of the Lab Storage, where you need to use the MO Disc on the transmittal device. Push the shelves out of the way and exit. Unlock the southeast door to the Lab T Hall and enter the south door to the Generator Room 1. Grab the Fuel Supply Capsule and return to B-3F, where you need to place it in the machine to refill it. Now, walk back to Generator Room 1 and replace the Fuel Cell. Go into Generator Room 2 and use the last MO Disc on the transmittal device. Head on to Generator Room 3 and turn on the power to the Elevator. Now, head to the Elevator and ride it down. Enter the Specimen Room.
BOSS - Move away from this boss. In fact, keep at a distance at all times. He doesn't move all that fast, but he had a violent reach. Shoot at him a few times and then move to the next corner. If he gets to close, try to pass by him quickly. Use the grenade launcher or Magnum. Alternative Strategy: If you let Barry die, equip his Magnum. One shot will kill the boss. Seriously.
Talk to Barry again and then throw the door release switch to get out. Return to Side Hall and throw the three switches. Run down to the Prison to release Chris and then head back to the Lab Entrance, where you'll now be able to enter the Heliport Path. Run down it, picking up the fuse and using it next to the elevator. Go up the elevator to the Heliport, where you need to pick up the flares and use them.
BOSS - Shoot at the boss to get his attention away from Barry. The longer Barry's around, the more damage he'll cause. When the boss heads for you, shoot once or twice and then move away at a 90% angle from where the boss is approaching. He likes to charge forward and swipe, so getting out of the way when he starts his charge is to your benefit. Keep dodging and shooting until Brad drops the Rocket Launcher. Pick it up, equip it and fire away. If you let Barry die earlier, you won't get have to go through this fight.


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Zombies - While not the most swift enemies in the game, they are tougher and faster than before. It'll take a number of shots from the handgun to put one down. Also, you need to decapitate or burn their bodies to keep them from reviving as Crimson Heads.
Cerberus - Undead dogs that are fairly quick. Luckily, it only takes a few shots to drop them. Unfortunately, they can do some damage if they grab a hold of you.
Crimson Head - Zombies that have re-risen. They have long claws that cause lots of damage, are very fast and strong. Use the shotgun or grenade launcher to dispatch.
Bees - Ignore these. It's a waste of ammo.
Crows - Ignore them unless they start attacking you. Use a shotgun to take out multiple crows.
Snakes - Run past them. If one bites you, locate a blue herb to cure the poison.
Spiders - Use larger weapons, like the shotgun to do some serious damage to them. Keep at a distance to avoid their poison.
Sharks - You'll only deal with these once, so just run past them.
Hunters - Fast, tough and deadly. These beasts can decapitate you if they get too close. Attack with the grenade launcher (Acid Rounds work the best) or Magnum.
Chimeras - These boys are fast and can cause a decent amount of damage. Since they like to crawl on walls, you'll need to wait until they hit the ground to get a good shot.

» Examine everything that isn't ammo or health for clues.
» Use the 180° turn rather than backing up to get away from zombies.
» Try to burn all zombies that are in high traffic areas or in places when you know you'll be returning and may have trouble avoiding the Crimson Heads.
» If you don't have a means to destroy zombies readily available, consider just dodging them. In fact, don't try to kill everything in the mansion. You don't have enough ammo.
Always try to pick up Red Herbs. Combining them with Green Herbs makes the herbs more powerful.
» Conserve the Magnum for bosses. You have limited ammo and the Magnum does a lot of damage, which will help in the ending boss battles.