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This walkthrough is intended to help you survive one of the toughest Resident Evils since the first one. There may be some SPOILERS in this walkthrough and some of the more shocking moments (monsters jumping out and attacking) may be revealed as part of the strategy. Please use this walkthrough with discretion.

Part 2 covers events after Claire arrives at the Antarctic Base and Chris' arrival on the island through to the end of the game.

 Antarctic Base

This is where you start out after the plane wreck. Run over to the ladder and go down. Ignore the first two sets of doors and run down the set of stairs into the Moth Hallway. Enter the first door.
Antarctic Base Office - Items: Green Herb, Typewriter, Ink Ribbon, Storage Box, Arrows
Go to the storage box and take out your weapon of choice. Since most of the enemies are either zombies or cerebuses, you might consider the handgun, bow gun or even the knife. Go back up to the Catwalk and enter the door next to the stairs.
Barracks - Items: Bullets (4), First Aid Spray, Explosive Arrow Powder
Grab the ammo on the table and then shoot your way back out. Of course, if you don't need ammo, skip this room and head back to the Moth Hall. Go down to the door at the end of the hall and enter the Conveyor Area.
Conveyor Area
Run through, passing the two doors on the left-hand side of the room and entering the room in the back right-hand corner.
Weapons Room - Items: Assault Rifle, Mining Room Key, Detonator
Grab the Detonator from the body in the back of the room and place it on the cabinet. Look at the green cabinets in the back to get the assault rifle. Take the Mining Room Key and head back out to the Conveyor Area. Use the key on the first left-hand door.
Mining Room
Walk up the two stone "steps" and run over to the small stairs. Look at the Octa Valve Hole and then go into the Generator Room.
Generator Room - Items: Bullets(2), Green Herbs (4)
Be careful of the pack of Cerebuses here. Run underneath the metal walkway and turn on the generator primer. Run around the corner and turn on the main generator switch. Run back to the Conveyor Area and enter the back left door.
B.O.W. Room - Items: Barcode Sticker, Gas Mask, Bullets (2), Arrows, Green Herb
Run past the spiders and grab the Barcode Sticker in the back of the room. Head out into Conveyor Area. Use the sticker on the package on the conveyor belt. Turn on the Power Switch and then access the control panel. This should send one package to the Weapons Room and the other to the B.O.W. Room. Since a fire has started in the Weapons Room, go back to the B.O.W. Room and grab the Gas Mask. Head back into the Moth Hallway and run into the Antarctic Base Office. Push the bookcase back and open the locker. Read the note and flick the switch. Grab the pot and Check it to reveal the Machine Room Key. Now go back to the Catwalk. Run around to the set of double doors and enter.
Upper Catwalk
Run around to the door on Claire's left-hand side. Enter the Crane Room and run over to the door to the metal walkway over the Generator Room. Grab the Valve Handle. Come out. After a cut-scene, run across the catwalk to the door on the other side.
Workshop - Items: Bullets (2), Ink Ribbon, Blue Herb, Green Herb
Go to the metal cutting machine and place the valve handle there. After it's through, go back to the Antarctic Base Office and throw in everything you want Chris to have. Since you're about to get the sniper rifle to use on the upcoming boss, I'd suggest taking some healing herbs and either the knife or bow gun. Go back to the Mining Room and use the Valve Handle. After the cut-scene grab the rifle.

BOSS - Before heading down the steps to start the boss fight, run around and pick up the first aid spray and bullets. Once the battle starts, get some distance between Claire and Nosferatu. Use the sniper rifle and aim for his open heart. After shooting, run and find another vantage point. Keep away from his tentacles, which can knock you off the top of the platform. Also, Nosferatu can poison you. If you run out of bullets, switch to another weapon. Also, if you get close enough, you can do severe damage with the knife. Afterwards, there will be a couple cut-scenes and you will switch to Chris.

 Military Training Facility/Airport

Morgue Cave - Items: Green Herb, Arrows, Ink Ribbon, Typewriter, Storage Box
After Chris watches Rodrigo get swallowed by the Gulp Worm, go to the Storage Box and grab either Claire's Modified Handgun or the Assault Rifle. Run into the Underground Passage and make a decision - to attack the Gulp Worm and get the lighter or run past to the elevator. If you get the lighter, you can get a pair of Uzis for Chris.

BOSS - Run back and forth, dodging the Gulp Worm. When it rears it's head out of the earth, stop and fire on it. Use the Assault Rifle to wear down the worm. When it dies, get the lighter from Rodrigo and then pick up the Green Herb, Blue Herb, Bullets and Arrows before returning to the Morgue Cave.

Morgue Cave
Go to the bas-relief near the Storage Box and use the lighter to light the lamp. Take the Uzis. Now head to the elevator in the Underground Passage, which will take you up to the Garage. Head out to the Motor Pool (Items - Bullets) and go around to the back of the tank. Press the button and take the lift down.
Underground Hall - Items: Shells, Green Herb, Blue Herb, Battery
Grab the battery last and run into the Underground Office.
Underground Office - Items: Typewriter, Storage Box, Ink Ribbon, Bullets, Shells, Acid Grenades, Blue Herb, Luger Replica
To get the Luger Replica, go over the the dresser drawers and open them in this order: Red, Green, Blue, Brown. Now, throw the Luger Replica into Storage, pick up the Grenade Launcher w/Acid Grenades or the Uzis for your upcoming fights with the Hunters. Now, take the battery and head back to the Garage. Use the battery on the lift behind the jeep and go up the walkway. Hang a left and grab the Chemical Storage Key. Now exit through the door to 2nd Floor East Hall. After a series of cut-scenes, head to the elevator and go to floor B1.
Passage over Sewer - Items: Bullets (2), Shotgun, Ink Ribbon, Grenades (Flame)
Run down the new set of stairs and ignore the shotgun for right now. Head in the Tyrant Lab (Items: Green Herb). Go up the steps and into the Turntable Lift Room.
Turntable Lift Room - Items: Arrows, Doorknob
Ignore the Doorknob and head into the Broken Lab.
Broken Lab - Items: Shells, Green Herb, Blue Herb, Red Herb, Bullets, Clement Sigma (E)
Use the Chemical Storage Key and set the temperature at 12.8°. Grab the Clement Sigma (E) and head out into the Turntable Lift Room. Grab the Doorknob, fight the two Hunters and head back to the elevator through the Tyrant Lab and Passage over Sewer. Take the elevator up to the 2nd Floor. Head through the Surveillance Room out to the Inner Courtyard and into the 2nd Floor Hall. Slip through the hole in the wall to the Outer Lab (Items: Side Pack, Arrows). Exit through the door into the hall and use the Doorknob on the door to the walkway over the Garage. Grab the Tank miniature and bullets and head back to the elevator. Go down to the first floor and slip into the Painting Room. Use the Tank Replica and grab Turntable Lift Key. Now, go back to the Turntable Lift Room and use the key to raise the lift. Climb over the boxes and enter the Entrance Area. Step into the Briefing Room (Items: Shells, Acid Grenades) and go through the hole in the back wall. Exit through the door into the Inner Courtyard and go into the fenced-in area and take the ladder down. Flip on the ventilation switch and run into the Boiler Room. Head in to the Basement and into the Maintenance Room. Make sure you bring Chris' gun, so he can use the parts to upgrade it. Grab the Clement Alpha (a). Now, go back up to the Entrance Area and head out into the MTF Courtyard. Go to the elevator and take it down to the Cargo Elevator Room. Go out into the Cargo Room and take the lift up to the Cargo Lift Room. Go to the 2nd Floor Bridge and run across to the Hydraulic Control Room.
Hydraulic Control Room - Items: Shells
Use the oil machine to get the bridge working again. Press the buttons in this order: 3, 3, 5, 10, 5, 3, 3. If you want the shells, kill the zombies and grab them. If not, just leave. In the 2nd Floor Bridge, throw the switch to lower the bridge and then head back through the Cargo Room, across the Bridge and into the Airport Office and finally into the Hangar.
Hangar - Items: Air Force Proof, Navy Proof, Army Proof
Turn off the power to the lift and take the three medals. Now, head back to the Painting Room in the Military Training Facility. Be careful when entering the MTF Courtyard as the normal Hunters have been replaced with even faster Poison Hunters.
Painting Room - Items: Shells (2), Green Herb, Typewriter, Ink Ribbons
Use the medals to make the model of the MTF move back and reveal a ladder. You might want to save at the Typewriter. Go down the ladder into the tunnel, ignoring the spiders.

BOSS - There's really only two ways to deal with the giant albinoid - 1) Stand by the side of the pool and shoot it until it dies. 2) Wait until it's on the other side of the pool and jump in. Run over to where the Blue Crest is. Grab it and get out of the pool. Either way, don't forget the herbs and bullets before you leave. Now you can mix the two Clement chemicals and then combine them with the Crest to get the Halberd key you need. Go to the Passage over Sewer and finally grab the shotgun. After the steps move up, jump into the water and wade over to the other side. Pick up the two red herbs and head up the ladder into the Underground Hall. Use the Halberd key on the door at the end. After a few scenes, Chris will be in Antarctica.

 Antarctic Base

Hangar Walkway
Go to the door to the Catwalk. Blast the tentacles to get by. Head to the Antarctic Base Office (Items: Paperweight, Ink Ribbon) and use the Halberd Key on the plaque next to the cabinet. It will open. Grab the Paperweight. Head up to the Upper Catwalk and out to the Crane Room. Go to where Claire placed the Valve Handle and take it. Blast your way out through the zombies. Afterwards, go to the Workshop (Items: Duralumin Briefcase, Shells) and shoot the zombies, pick up the items and leave. Once out onto the Upper Catwalk, jump down onto the ice and then climb up onto the other side. Enter the 2nd Floor Base Hallway. A hunter will attack. Take the elevator down to the Courtyard. Run across to the facing door.
Frozen Hall - Items: Green Herb (2), Blue Herb
Either decide to blast the zombies or head into the Generator Room.
Generator Room - Items: Storage Box, Typewriter, Ink Ribbon, Blue Herb, Green Herb (2), Shells, Bullets (2)
Pick up everything. Deposit what you don't need. Use the Valve Handle to turn on the power. Go back out into the Frozen Hall and down to the Sterile Room.
Sterile Room - Items: Adapter Plug, Magnum Rounds, Red Tiger Eye, Blue Tiger Eye, Map, Bullets, Shells
Once you step inside, you'll feel some nostalgia. Go to the back of the red hall and take out the Tiger Eyes one at a time to claim your Magnum Rounds and Adapter Plug. Place the Adapter Plug on the end of the Valve Handle and head to the door you passed. Take the elevator down to the Ant Hill Catwalk. Grab the Wing Object from in front of the Anthill. Turn around and hang a (Chris') right and head into Lower Base Office (Items: Bullets, Green Herbs {2}) if you want to pick up a couple items. If not, head to Alexia's Lab on the other side.
Alexia's Lab - Items: Alfred's Jewel
Walk up to the upper section of the lab and face the terminal. Enter the following code: AA, Crown, Heart, Spade. Place the paperweight in the open slot. After a scene, take the ring off of the floor and head back to the 2nd Floor Base Hallway. On your way out, stop by the Generator Room and turn off the power. Enter the doors you passed by earlier into the Water Tank Room.
Water Tank Room - Items: Crane Key
Press the blue button to make the extinguishant available. Use the empty extinguisher on the extinguishant to refill it. Go over to the lift at the back of the room and go up to the second level. Use the modified Valve Handle to empty the water in the tank. Climb down into the tank and grab the key. Now go to the other life and go down into the Weapons Room. Use the extinguisher and grab the Magnum. Head back up into the Water Tank Room and then go into the Upper Catwalk. Go over to the crane control booth and use the Crane Key.

BOSS - The giant spider can be dealt with by just using Claire's modified handgun. Get down onto the ice and keep plugging away, making sure to move after a few rounds. Once the boss is dead, grab Alexander's Jewel and head back to the Courtyard.

Courtyard - Items: Wing Object (2)
Blast the Poison Hunter and grab the Wing Objects. Enter the door to to the Mansion Lobby (Item: Knife). Grab the knife and equip it to cut Claire loose. Note: If Claire was poisoned in her fight with Nosferatu, Chris will have to return to the Weapons Room to get the Serum. If not, a scene with Alexia will automatically play out. Either way, you might consider giving Chris the Magnum or similar high-powered weapon before entering the Mansion Lobby. You won't be able to access his inventory before the next Boss fight with him.
Sitting Room - Items: Red Herb, Green Herb, Shells, Bullets, Storage Box
Now that you have Claire, you will need to heal her up. Since you'll only be using her for a little while, give her the bare minimum in supplies. Give her either the handgun or the shotgun (you'll only be facing zombies and tentacles) and make sure she has at least two items that will heal her completely. Use her lockpick on any remaining Duralumin Briefcases you have. Head out into the L-Hallway.
L-Hallway - Items: Grenade Rounds, Arrows
Don't pick any of the items up as you will not be able to access Claire's inventory again after her Boss encounter. Run to the door at the other end of the hall.
Prison - Items: Arrows, Crystal Ball
Run up to the cannon and read the file on the ground. After Claire alters the cannon, quickly run over to the Crystal Ball, avoiding the slab trap. Examine the Crystal Ball and then place it in the center of the slab trap. Grab the card and head to the grey door near the door you entered.
Armor Hall
Open the barred door and head down the hall to where Steve is at the other end.

BOSS - There is no way you can beat this boss. Immediately, spin a 180 and run for it. After the tyrant lands a blow, heal and keep running. If you don't mess around, he should only hit you twice. After you get to the door, a series of cut-scenes will happen. Afterwards, you will be back with Chris.

BOSS - If Alexia grabs you, you're good as dead. Get some distance from Alexia, being sure to get clean shots with the Magnum. After 6 shots, she should drop. Grab the Alexia Jewel and place it on the painting with the Alfred and Alexander Jewels.

Mansion Hallway - Items: Green Herb (2)
Go down the hall and hand a (Chris') left enter the first door into the Library.
Library - Items: Ink Ribbon, Typewriter, Sterile Room Key, First Aid Spray, Shells
Grab the key and head back down to the Mansion Lobby. Use the Sterile Room Key and run around to the Tiger Statue. Take both eyes and go back to the Mansion Hallway. Now, go to the rooms at the back of the hallway. In Alfred's Room, place the Blue Jewel in the record player. Go into Alexia's Room and do the same with the Red Jewel. Grab the Record and go back to Alfred's Room. Place the Record in his record player. Climb up the stairs into the Dinning Room, where you will pick up the Dragonfly Object. Go back to the Mansion Hallway and enter the door you originally passed.
Computer Room - Items: Wing Object, Bullets
Go to the lift and access the panel on the lower floor. When the stasis bed opens, grab the Wing Object. Attach all four Wing Objects to the Dragonfly Object to get the Dragonfly Key. Exit through the door at the top of the steps to the L-Hallway. Move the Display cases to reveal the extra ammo. At this time, you might consider grabbing your best weapons and some healing items, being sure to leave one slot open. When your through, head down to the Prison. After a scene, examine the Security Manual to get the Security Card. Run up the steps to the Upper Ant Hill Room. Use the Dragonfly key and enter the Security Room.
Security Room - Items: Green Herb
Use the security card at the top of the steps and enter in the passcode: Veronica (kinda easy, eh?). Now, run back to the Upper Ant Hill Room.

BOSS - This boss has three forms. First form - just shoot her with something to keep her from killing Claire. Second form - run back and forth, throwing everything you have at her (Magnum Rounds, Flame Grenades, Explosive Arrows, etc.). Keep moving to avoid her spawn and pseudopod attacks. Third Form - Grab the Linear Launcher and equip it. Aim and line up your shots. If you miss, move and re-aim.

Once you've wasted this boss, enjoy. You've now unlocked the Battle Game.

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The Knife - Unlike previous REs, the knife is actually useful, especially against zombies. Where found: Claire/Chris - equipped.
Handgun - Both Chris and Claire come with standard handguns. They do fair damage to zombies and cerebus, but are weak to just about anything else. Where found: Claire - Prison Courtyard, Chris - equipped.
Bow Gun - Luckily, this weapon comes with a lot of ammo. It takes a lot to put just about anything down. Explosive Arrows, on the other hand, are great. Where found: MTF - Outer Lab.
Grenade Launcher - Multipurpose weapon that can do a lot of damage depending on the ammo (Grenade rounds, Acid, Flame, B.O.W.) Where found: MTF - Basement.
M100Ps - Dual semiautomatic guns are good for large groups of zombies and cerebuses. They run through ammo fairly quick, though. Where found: Prison - Bunk Room.
Dual Uzis - These guns, though they run through ammo quickly, cause decent damage and can be helpful when facing a number of monsters at one time. Where found: MTF - Storage.
Assault Rifle - This weapon will greatly improve your ability to dish out damage. That, and it seems to hold a lot more ammo than other automatic/semiautomatic weapons. Where found: Antarctic Base - Weapons Room.
Shotgun - This weapon is good for knocking down single Hunters or hitting whole groups of zombies. Where found: MTF - Passage over Sewer (Chris' Scenario).
Magnum - Enjoy laying down a lot of damage with this weapon. The ammo is a little limited, though. Where found: Antarctic Base - Weapons Room.