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Animal Crossing [3/14/03]
Hidden Shirt/Menu Background

When in your menu, grab any shirt you may have and take it below the bottom row for the items. You'll have to go to the far right slot and press down to get to the hidden slot. Drop it to swap it out with the hidden shirt that was apparently working a second job as the background to your menu. The other shirt will appear in your menu. With this trick, you can actually create your own custom backgrounds for the menu.

Die Hard Vendetta [3/14/03]
Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes at the main menu.
Unlock all stages - X, Y, Z (x2), X, Y, Z (x2)
Infinite Hero-Time - B, X, Y, Z, Left Trigger, Right Trigger
Invincibility - Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger
Big Heads - Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger
Little Heads - Left Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger

Resident Evil [5/09/02]
Grenade Ammo Cheat:
For this trick to work, you need to have the Grenade Launcher and two types of ammo. First, dump everything into the storage box except the Grenade Launcher (put it in the top left slot) and the ammo you want to duplicate (in the top right slot). Now, equip the Grenade Launcher and go back to the storage box. Select the ammo, hit the A button twice. Now, move the cursor to the storage box and onto the ammo and hit A twice. It should give you a good bit of ammo. Note: you need to make sure that the ammo is placed and picked up in the "top" slot in the storage box for this to work.

Aggressive Inline [6/21/02]
Cheat Codes

Unlock all levels - Up (x2), Down (x2), Left, Right, B, A, B, A
Unlock all characters - Down, Right (x2), Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right (x3)
Low gravity wall ride - Up (x3), Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, A, B, S
Super spinning - Left (x4), Right (x4), Left, Right, Left, Right, Up
Perfect Grinds - BIGUPYASELF
Invincibility - KHUFU

Bloodrayne [10/19/02]
Cheat Codes

In the cheat menu, you will have to piece the code together with keywords from the list. Enter the words in the order listed to unlock the code.
Fill Bloodlust Meter - ANGRY - XXX - INSANE - HOOKER
Enemy Freeze (you can have all the enemies stand still) - DONT - FART - ON - OSCAR
Restores Health Meter - LAME - YANKEE - DONT - FEED
Time Factor (alter speed of gameplay) - NAKED - NASTY - DISHWASHER - DANCE
Show Weapons on Rayne - SHOW - ME - MY - WEAPONS
Ultra Violent Mode - INSANE - GIBS - MODE - GOOD
Juggy Mode (???) - JUGGY - DANCE - SQUAD (on the third word, hit Start instead of X)

Grand Theft Auto 3 [10/30/01]
Hideout Items:

Here's how to get some of the items in the game available at your hideout:

Handgun - Find 10 of the hidden packages
Health Icon - Save 50 patients in Ambulance runs
Uzi - Find 20 of the hidden packages
Shotgun - Find 40 of the hidden packages
Police Bribe - Kill 45 criminials in Vigilante Missions

Early in the Game - Getting Weapons:
1) Highjack a police car (two are parked at the Police Office and can occasionally be "jacked") and when you get out, you'll have a shotgun.
2) Behind the apartment complex where you get the "Diablo Destruction" mini-game, there is a shotgun icon.
3) Run down or just attack gang members walking on the sidewalk. Often, they have either a handgun or bat. This is the best way to get handguns early in the game without paying for it.

Early in the Game - Health:
1) Go to the hospital. There are two icons sitting in front of it.
2) Pick up a hooker. Take here to a secluded area (your hideout is good). Stop the car and wait for a few seconds. You should start gaining health back while losing some cash. If you do this while at or near max health, you can get your health up to 125.

Final Fantasy X [2/05/02]
Getting AP Quick:
While this trick is not available until later in the game (after you get the Air Ship), it is useful in bulking up your characters before the final dungeon and if you choose to face the Secret Bosses in either Omega Dungeon or the Monster Arena. The purpose of the trick is to gain a lot of AP/Sphere Levels in battle. Use 10 (Door to Tomorrow) to give your weapon the ability Overdrive to Ap, which will give the character Ap rather than fill their Overdrive guage. If you can also add Double AP (20 Mega Elixir) or Triple Ap (50 Wings to Discovery), they help, but are not essential. Now, set your character's Overdrive mode to Comrade, in which you gain Overdrive (or now AP) when one of your allies is hurt. Buy a bunch of Phoenix Downs and be sure to capture one of each fiend in the Thunder Plains. Now, go fight the Cactuar King. Only defend until he attacks (which will either be 10,000 or 99,999 points of damage to one character). Revive the character and wait until his next attack. Keep doing this until the boss flees or you choose to flee. Now, witness the AP levels flow.

Another version of this trick is to set your Overdrive Mode to Ally (where you gain Overdrive when your Ally takes a turn) and equip the weapons with Overdrive to Ap. Head to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and get into a fight with a Magic Jar. Since the Magic Jar doesn't take a turn, hit the triangle button to defend. This trick works best with a controller that has the turbo feature (where the button automatically registers being pressed over and over again while being held down). Hold down the button (or even tape it down and just go out for dinner). Either flee or attack the Magic Pot to end the battle. This method is slower, but less risky and doesn't eat up a lot of Phoenix Downs.

Klonoa 2 [9/01/01]
Trick Jumps:
When Klonoa has been shot out of a cannon or jumping off a waterfall, hit either the L1 or L2 buttons to see him perform an aerial trick.

Max Payne [2/19/02]
Invincibility: During the game, press the Start button and press the following button combo: L1 (x2), L2 (x2), R1 (x2), R2 (x2). Be warned. This code will often reset after the auto-save in each new level.
Weapons: During the game, press the Start button and press the following button combo: L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, Circle, X, Square. This should give you all weapons, full ammo and eight painkillers.
Unlock Levels: To get access to all of the levels at an early point in the game, you need to play through to the Subway A1 level. Quit the game and once back at the menu, enter the following code: Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Left, Down, Circle.

Men in Black 2 [8/1/02]
If you unfortunately got this game and want to get some enjoyment out of it, try these codes. Perform them at the start up screen where it says "Press Start Button" and use as many as you like. The code will be confirmed by a small screen flash. Note: The save feature will be disabled if you use them.

All Levels - R2, Triangle, Left, Circle, Square, L2, Left, Up, X, Down, L2, Square
Invincible - Right, X, R1, Triangle, Up, L2, X, Left, L1, Circle, X, R2
All Weapons Powered Up - Up, Down, X, Square, R1, Triangle (x2), Left, Circle, L1 (x2), Right
Don't drop powerups when hit - Down, Up, X, Square, Down, Up, X, Square, L1, L2, Square, Circle

Metal Gear Solid 2 [11/23/01]
Various Tricks:
Alternative title screen - Finish the game and the title screen will change to blue. Beat it a second time and it will change back.
Cut Scene Camera Control - During most cut scenes rendered by the game engine, press R1 to zoom in and use the right analog stick tomove the camera.
Codec Camera Control - While watching any Codec conversation, move either the left or right analog stick tomake the corresponding camera move. Hold down the R1 or R2 buttons to hear what your character is thinking during the conversation.
Pull Ups - When hanging from a ledge, pres both the L2 and R2 buttons to do a pull up. Do 100 and your Grip Level will raise.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X [9/01/01]
True Pause:
During gameplay, hold L1 and then hit the Start button to pause the game and stop the in-game clock from running. Use this instead of going to the menu to cut down your game times.

Silent Hill 2 [9/27/01]
Hidden Menu/Extra Options:
When in the Options Menu, hit either the L1 or R1 buttons to bring up a hidden option screen. In this menu, you can choose Weapon Control, Blood Color, Walk/Run Control, Map Zoom In and View Control. Once you have beaten the game once on any difficulty setting, two new options will be added to your option list. One allows you to increase the number of bullets received when you find a box of ammo and the other allows the player to remove the scratchy filter used on the game to give it a movie-like feel.

Soul Reaver 2 [11/23/01]
The Fire Reaver:
Press the Pause Button, then press and hold R1. Enter in the following buttons in order: Down, Circle, Triangle, Up, Right, Circle

Star Wars Super Bombad Racing [5/04/01]
Secret Racers
Boba Fett - At the main menu, press Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square. Press the same code to reverse this code.
AAT - At the main menu, press Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle. Press the same code to reverse this code.
Darth Vader - Beat the Galaxy Circuit (all nine tracks) with Anakin.

State of Emergency [3/07/02]
Invincibility: During gameplay, press L1, L2, R1, R2, Square
Unlock other characters: Enter the following codes during Kaos mode. A message confirming the unlocked character will show.
  - Bull - Right (x4), X
  - Spanky - Right (x4), Triangle
  - Freak - Right (x4), Circle
Infinite time for missions: During gameplay, press L1, L2, R1, R2, Circle
Infinite Ammo: During gameplay, press L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle

Twisted Metal Black [6/23/01]
Secret Codes - Enter these during gameplay
Freeze Attack - Up, Down, Up
Land Mine -
Right, Left Down
Invisibility -
Left, Left, Down, Down
Shield -
Right, Right, Down, Down
Jump -
L1 + R1
Rear-Fire Weapon -
Left, Right, Down, Weapon Button
Invincibility - Hold L1+ L2 + R1 + R2, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
Mega Guns -
Hold L1+ L2 + R1 + R2, then press X, X, Triangle
Single-Hit Kills -
Hold L1+ L2 + R1 + R2, then press X, X, Up
Weapons for Health -
Hold L1+ L2 + R1 + R2, then press Triangle, X, Square, Circle

Secret Characters
Junkyard - Unlock Yellow Jacket by shooting down the plane that flies around the complex. Enter where it crashes down and shoot the control panel.
Freeway -
Unlock Axel by going into the construction yard and attacking the crane on the left. You're going to have to hit it prety high up, so you might need to get a good distance away. The crane will turn and drop the box it is holding onto. Drive over to the box and destroy it.
Suburbs - Unlock Warthog by heading to the carnival and turn to the left, where a plume of dark smoke rises over the hill. Jump over the hill and land on the roof on the building. Turn around and shoot a hole in the roof and drop down into a room with a control panel to destroy.
Prison Ship To Sanitarium - Unlock Manslaughter by getting off of the boat at the dock and turning to the right to come up to a couple crates next to the boat. Shoot the dark one to the left to make a ramp. Get on the ramp and shoot the side of the boat to open a hidden room. Inside is another control panel to shoot.
Minion - Unlock this dark beast by completing the game with everyone else.

Wipeout Fusion [6/21/02]
Animal Vehicles: Triangle, Circle (x2), Triangle, X
Infinite Shields: Triangle (x2), Square (x3)
Infinite Weapons: Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Square
Retro Vehicles: X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X
Super Fast Vehicles: Square, X (x3), Triangle
Unlock All: X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle

Enter the Matrix [5/17/03]
Cheat Codes:
You will need to end the Hacking part of the game from the main menu and enter the Cheat Directory.
1DDF2556 - Infinite Ammo
0034AFFF - All Weapons Unlocked
FFFFFFF1 - Invisbility
69E5D9E4 - Infinite Focus
7F4DF451 - Infinite Health
D5C55D1E - Muliplayer Fighting
7867F443 - Faste Logos flight speed
13D2C77F - Unlock bonus test level
1DDF2556 - Infinite Ammo

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring [10/06/02]
You need to enter these codes during gameplay while standing still. You also need to enter them in fairly fast. You will get a message when the code is accepted.
X, B, Y, A, X, B - Unlimited ammo
Y, B, A, B, Y, X - Unlimited Ring use. This is for Frodo only and it will not refill your gauge, but it will keep the gauge from emptying when you use it.

Outlaw Golf [7/01/02]
Unlock Everything:
To open everything in the game, start a new file and call it: Golf_Gone_Wild (Case sensitive). Once you do, all of the golfers and courses will be unlocked.
Fifth Costume:
At the character select screen, hold the Left Trigger and enter the following code: Y (x2), White, y, Black, Y.

Spiderman: The Movie [4/21/02]
Enter the following codes in the Cheat Menu:
IMIARMAS - Unlocks all levels
ORGANICWEBBING - Unlimited webbing
KOALA - All fighting combos
ROMITAS - Level skip
Enter these codes to play as the following character models (you'll still have Spiderman's abilities):
GIRLNEXTDOOR - Mary Jane Watson
REALHERO - Police officer
SERUM - Scientist
CAPTAINSTACEY - Helicopter pilot
KNUCKLES - Thug #1
THUGSRUS - Thug #3
FREAKOUT - Spiderman in a Matrix-like outfit

Turok: Evolution [9/01/02]
Enter the following codes in the Cheat Menu:
MADMAN - Infinite ammo
EMERPUS - Invincible
SLLEWGH - Invisibility
SELLOUT - Levels unlocked
TEXAS - All weapons (in that stage)

X2: Wolverine's Revenge [4/20/03]
Cheat Menu: At the main menu, input the following buttons - X (x2), Left Trigger (x4), X (x2), Left Trigger. This will open up a cheat menu with Invincibility and a Freeze Frame Option.
Level Select: At the main menu, input the following buttons - X, Left Trigger, X, Left Trigger, X, Left Trigger (x2), Right Trigger
All Cerebro Files: At the main menu, input the following buttons - X, Left Trigger, X, Left Trigger, X (x2), Right Trigger, Left Trigger

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ILS is not affiliated with, endorsed by or related to any of the products, companies, artists or parties legally responsible for the items referred to on this website. No copyright infringement is intended.