Front Mission 3 - The Wanzer Guide (Part 2)

I've listed the skills for each body part and put a rating of how useful I think each skill is. The next item is what the skill does. After that is my own comments on the usefulness of the skill.

Also, due to the number of wanzer's in the game, this is a two part strategy. Click here for page 1.

Meledyne M1
Excellent for missles/weak on everything else
Body E-Def-C -1 1/5 Def-C down 1 level Only useful if you have nothing else.
Arms Panic Shot 1/5 Causes Confusion I haven't yet figured out what confusion does to hamper the enemy.
Legs Skill +1 2/5 Attack + 1 Lvl Useful skill early in the game.
Pare PAW1
This Popeye looking wanzer really doesn't do much of anything well.
Body Enemy ACC -1 2/5 Enemy ACC down 1 level Might help against melee/missile attackers if they have upgraded. Useless against machine-gunners/shotguns.
Arms Topple Shot 3/5 Shot knocks enemy down Attack that keeps enemy from countering. Can be useful, but you'll use Fast Attack once you get it.
Legs Evade +1 2/5 Evade Upgrade +1 Same usefulness as Enemy ACC -1.
Prov PAW2
Good with guns and a little bit of distance - Low HP
Body Auto 2 3/5 Counter while stunned Allows a stunned person to counter and then come out of stun.
Arms Double Shot 1 3/5 Attack with both guns Only drawback is that this wanzer won't have much ability to defend itself. Plus, if you lose one arm, this skill won't activate.
Legs Guard Body 2/5 Protects body with arm Only useful if your wanzer body has taken more damage than the arms.
Quibing 0
Great wanzer - steal at least one when you can
Body Revenge 2 4/5 Returns 1.5x damage An excellent skill to have for 2 slots. If you have 3 slots available, use Revenge 3.
Arms TopplePunch 3/5 Hit knocks enemy down Same as Topple Shot except the enemy's AP is reduced to 0 for the turn.
Legs Damage Fix 200 3/5 Damage reduced to 200 This skill reduces any attack from 400 to 200. Good for early melee assaults and some special attacks, but usually won't help against other attacks.
Rekson M4F
A very weak wanzer. HP upgrades may not be enough.
Body Zoom 2 3/5 Accuracy X 1.5 A great skill for wanzers using rifles or melee attacks.
Arms Backup Fire 3/5 Calls an ally for fire Easier to pull off than Firing Squad, but doesn't get the same devastating results. Play around and see which one you like better.
Legs Enemy Skill -1 1/5 Enemy Skill -1 level You'll give this skill up for something better when the opportunity comes.
Shangdi 1
Good with a gun and a shield
Body Enemy ACC Null 3/5 Enemy ACC upgrade nullified This skill will only come in useful late in the game when the enemy uses a lot of ACC upgrades.
Arms Double Shot 2 3/5 Attack with 2 guns Same as Double Shot 1 except you can use two different range weapons. Same drawbacks as the other.
Legs EXP X 3 3/5 Experience times 3 Slap this on someone new in your group and watch them catch up.
Shunwang 1
Decent mid-game wanzer. Some of the skills are helpful
Body E-Evade Null 4/5 Evade Upgrade Nullified Helpful against enemies late in the game with high evasion.
Arms Aim Body 3/5 All shots hit the body Good skill to have until you get Body Smash.
Legs Evade MAX 3/5 Evade upgrade maxed out Helpful if you've upgraded your evasion.
Shunyo MK111
Decent late-game wanzer with burst weapons
Body DamageFix 400 4/5 Reduces Damage to 400 Reduces damage from 800 to 400. May keep your wanzer in the fight during the last boss battles.
Arms Revenge-Same 3/5 Destroys same part Major drawback is that you lose a part to get this skill to activate.
Legs AP -60% 3/5 AP reduced by 60% Good, all-around skill. Useful with any type of attack.
Tiadong 3
Great melee wanzer you will use throughout most of the game
Body Tackle 2 3/5 Tackles Opponent Does a decent amount of damage.
Arms Eject Punch 5/5 Ejects enemy pilot If you want to make life easier on yourself, get this skill. Rather than beating an enemy down, just pop them out of their wanzer and shoot the pilot.
Legs Avoid 20 1/5 Damage 20 reduced to 0 The only time this is useful is against pilots you've ejected.
Tieqi 4
Weak versus melee
Body Enemy Def-C -2 2/5 Def-C down 2 levels Only moderately useful if you have nothing else.
Arms Aim-Leg 2/5 All attacks to legs Kind of counteracts the usefulness of burst weapons.
Legs Brace 2 2/5 Reduce enemy damage Takes the brunt off of some attacks.
Great gunner wanzer
Body Enemy Evade -2 2/5 Evade Upgrade down 2 Sometimes helpful.
Arms Aim-Arm 2/5 All attacks to arm Kind of counteracts the usefulness of burst weapons. Might sheer off on arm if you're lucky.
Legs EXP X4 4/5 Experience times 4 Slap this on someone new in your group and watch them catch up.
One of the best missler wanzers in the game
Body Enemy Def-C Null 3/5 Def-C nullified Sometimes this skill is useful, other timesÉ why bother?
Arms Salvo 3/5 Launches all missiles Good skill for missile wanzers. Only drawback is that it goes through a lot of ammo.
Legs Evade +2 2/5 Evade upgraded +2 Doesn't seem to help all that much.
Wude 3
Fairly good melee wanzer
Body Enemy ACC -2 2/5 Accuracy Upgrade down 2 levels You won't see much of a difference.
Arms Double Punch 2 4/5 Two melee attacks Dual melee attack will basically wipe out most weaker enemies. Drawback is that your wanzer will have no distance attacks or counters.
Legs Enemy Skill -1 2/5 Enemy Skill -1 level Not good for much.
Yongsai 3
Pretty good with guns and a couple upgrades
Body Backup Melee 3/5 Calls an ally for melee Easier to pull off than Gang Beating, but doesn't get the same devastating results. Play around and see which one you like better.
Arms Rate of Fire Up 3 4/5 2x ammo Excellent for wanzers carrying shotguns and machine-guns.
Legs Avoid 80 4/5 Reduces damage from 80 Vital skill to counteract machine guns/ shotguns.
Best all around wanzer throughout the game
Body Tackle 1 3/5 Tackles Opponent Does a decent amount of damage.
Arms Double Assault 4/5 Attack with melee & gun Very useful skill through out the whole of the game.
Legs Initiative 1 2/5 Attack First May allow you to take enemy out before they hit you.
Melee only - weak with everything else
Body Enemy Evade -1 1/5 Evade down 1 level You won't notice the difference.
Arms Shield Attack 1 2/5 Attacks with shield Decent amount of damage but forces you to use melee wanzers to activate.
Legs Initiative 2 3/5 Attack First May allow you to take enemy out before they hit you.

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With a large number of wanzers in the game, you need to know which ones to avoid and which ones to keep around for the long haul.