Super Monkey Ball
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Amusement Vision
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The Good

• Fun, yet simple gameplay
• Addictive multiplayer modes
• Catchy music

The Bad

• More single player modes would have been nice
• Camera can sometimes cause unfair deaths


There's just something charming about a game in which you must roll monkeys around in balls to collect bananas and avoid falling off to your untimely demise. Maybe it's the simplicity of the concept, or maybe it's just that the execution is just so solid that you can't avoid but to like the game. In a word, Super Monkey Ball is fun.

You are treated to a game in which there is a large variety of modes, including: three levels of the Main Game, a puzzle-like trip through a series of levels gathering bananas while heading to the final goal in a time limit; a variety of multiplayer games like racing and a battle mode; a handful on mini-games (bowling and golf) that can be unlocked through points earned in the Main Game. All are fun and addictive in their simple, yet effective concepts. Getting to what seems like a simple goal has never been so much challenge, and not all goals are as straightforward as you initially think. I will have to say that the ending credits are one of the nicest features in that Amusement Vision has managed to turn them into a mini-game of it's own, and a fairly fun one at that.

Visually and audio-wise, Super Monkey Ball is well constructed and goes well with the happy-go-lucky concept. Everything is as detailed as it needs to be. The environments off in the distance are well done, even if they just provide filler as you're working your way through one game or another. You'll find yourself not caring about the quality looks of the game, even though they compliment the gameplay nicely. The sound effects and music are very effective in completing the package. In fact, I found a lot of the tunes very catchy and enjoyable.

If there are any complaints I would have about Super Monkey Ball is that the first player modes and Main Game can only take you so far. This game is at it's best when you have a handful of people together. Multiplayer modes are quick and easy to get into and are easily addictive. Also, there are a few times when the in-game camera, which tends to follow behind you, doesn't seem to be lined up in a helpful spot, leading to a number of untimely falls from tricky paths.

Super Monkey Ball is a multiplayer game that everyone who isn't jaded about their games should own. It's downright fun and you'll find yourself having a hard time pulling yourself away from it. While the single-player feels a little underdeveloped, you will play it enough to unlock the fun mini-games.

- - Vane

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