Final Fantasy X-2
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Playstation 2
Square Enix
Square Enix
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ESRB Rating
Suggestive Themes, Violence
The Good

• Graphics
• Sound
• Voice acting
• The different job skills
• Story Missions

The Bad

• Some will not like the feeling of this FF, plain and simple


Final Fantasy X-2 is the first ever sequel to a Final Fantasy game ever. So how does it compare to FFX and does it stack up to the rest of the FF games.

Story: FFX-2 is set sometime after the first game and features the cast of Yuna, Rikku and Paine. They are Sphere Hunters and Yuna has become a sphere hunter ever since she found a mysterious sphere with someone very special from her past on it. The game opens with the team already on a mission and it's quite a nice opening FMV, I might add. From there you take various mission objectives to progress the game. The game is quite humorous at times but it does get serious, so don't worry.

Gameplay: Yes in FFX-2 you take on missions. There are tons and tons of side quests that you can partake in and raise your experience. Then there are certain missions that progress the story. The system is quite different for a Final Fantasy game but it works well and its a refreshing aspect to the FF saga. Also in this game you will only stick with your main characters there are none other that join your team. You start with these three girls and you'll end with these three girls so better gain that experience. Now also is a job system incorporated within the game as well. It lets you change your class on-the-fly in mid-battle. It's very nice to be able to do this and adds an extra strategy to the game by enabling the player to pick and choose which class is best for the battles and so on.

Which brings me to another topic. The battle system is super fast, there are some crazy battles going on with lots of action taking place at once. They're not like so fast that a person can't handle it but the battles go much quicker then the typical FF. Also, now when Yuna and company are walking around, Yuna can jump and climb up cliffs with the press of a button when you are near them and while this doesn't add much its nice to be able to do. The game just controls greatly whether you're running around fighting or accessing your menus. Other than these features, the game is played pretty much like most FF, and like all FF games there are plenty of mini-games abound.

Graphics: FFX was a marvelous game but FFX-2 has got it beat. You'll be revisiting a lot of the same areas from the first one but all of them have a different look to them with either more stuff there or different things going on in the locations and the graphics are just great. It just seems better looking. After popping in X and then X-2, I can see an improvement. Plus the different work classes for Yuna and gang each have there own costumes and the design of these costumes is great. Everything looks great on the screen and there really isn't to much to complain about.

Sound: The music is somewhat different then past FF and that's to fit the the type of game this is. It has the normal sounding typical FF type but this one also has some definitely popish sounding tracks. Overall I feel the music fits this game just right. The sound effects and voice acting are all spot on. The girls talk quite a bit along with the rest of the cast in the game and they all do a good job.

Overall: It was a great time going through FFX-2 and revisiting many characters and locations from the first game. The new mission mode was great and the ability to change jobs on the fly was nice as well. The story was good for a sequel and while not as serious as the first one's story still can hold up to other RPGs out there. While some might be bothered by the popish girlie attitude of the game, it's still a fun ride. So if you liked Final Fantasy X or if you've ever like a FF game period then go ahead and pick up X-2 and enjoy the adventures you have with Yuna and the gang.

- - Justin Celani

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