Disgaea 2 [02/17/06]
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NIS America
Nippon Ichi
Strategy RPG

Color me surprised. I honestly never thought the successful Disgaea would be graced with a sequel, but I am happy to be proven wrong. Featuring a new cast and some familiar faces, Disgaea 2 tells the story of the peaceful land of Valdime, which is cursed by Overlord Zenon, turning all humans into monsters, except for Adell. At the start of the game, players will build their army from Adell's land, but as you progress, new worlds will become available. Alongside Adell is Rozlin, Zenon's daughter, Yukimaru and Axel. Fan favorites Etna and the Prinnys make their return.

Those who played the original game will find a lot of similar elements in this sequel (if it ain't broke...). Of course, you'll have the option to create your soldiers in the Character Creation screen by spending collected mana points. These characters will be "students" to the character whose mana points are used to create them. Bonuses can be acquired by using both the student and their "master" in battle.

Battles play out on a grid-based field and the Geo Panel system makes a return. Found on the field will be Geo Symbols which provide bonuses and penalties which make even the most mundane battle interesting.

As with the previous game, you'll have access with the Dark Assembly - a demonic legislative body that allows you to make requests to affect the game, like altering the strength of enemies or decreasing the price of items. Of course, you'll have to bribe, and on occassion, kill some of these legistlative members, but one must do what they must to succeed. Along with the Dark Assembly is a Dark Court which players are punished for breaking certain rules.

Also making a return is the Item World, where a player can enter an item and work their way through levels to make the item, weapon or piece of equipment stronger.

Visually, the game already looks wonderful. The levels are clean and show a nice bit of detail. The character sprites are colorful and show both detail and personality. Character design is similar to the previous title with some updates to keep the styles fresh.

Set for an August 2006 release date, DIsgaea 2 looks to pick up right where the first one left off. Fans are sure to be waiting impatiently for this one to come out.

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- - Kinderfeld

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