Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny [02/17/06]
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NIS America
Gust Incorporated

Not to rest of their heels, the guys at Gust Incorporated are already putting the final touches on the sequel to their quirky, yet fun Atelier Iris. The original was a beautiful throwback to the way 2D sprite RPGs used to feel while adding a good bit of modern content to it, including a ton of Item Creation and interaction with the environment.

As a sequel, the Azoth of Destiny looks to take similar themes and artistic direction and use it to tell another story. Telling the story of two lands, Eden and Belkhyde, who have broken their ties due to catastrophe, the story stars two orphans, Felt and Viese, who are set to save Eden from demise. Felt travels to Belkhyde to stop the villain, Chaos, while Viese remains in Eden to try and stem it's own destruction. Alongside the two main characters are a cast of oddities, including the mysterious girl, Iris; the wood mana, Po; Noin - a female warrior; and Gray - the cursed dragon slayer.

If you've played the original game, and you should, Atelier Iris 2 looks to stick with what works. Travel and Item Synthesis look similar, but with some revision, while battle has definitely seen some revision. This time around, combat is done in active time, where actions cost a certain amount of time, so you can use far more strategy to plan out a series of attacks. To this effect, allies and enemies can be placed in a Break Zone, where a series of chained attacks can be unleashed for some serious damage. You can also special skills by filling a charge meter, which can be done simply by being in combat.

Also making a return are the Mana Spirits, Elemental Extraction and Item Synthesis. With these in tow, it looks like Atelier Iris 2 is improving all the right things and polishing everything that was nice about the first game. And speaking of nice - the graphics for this one look as wonderful as the previous.

Expect Atelier Iris 2 to land some time in April of 2006.

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