Scorn Governor EP
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Bill Laswell

As previously with Greetings From Birmingham and Imaginara Award, Governor is more or less a preview EP that acts as a preview to the full-length album Plan B. This six track album provides three unreleased songs and three remixes of tracks that appear on Plan B. Musically, Scorn has evolved from an industrial act into more of a hybrid, including elements of ambient, dub, drum & bass, techno and even jungle beats. The music is composed of synthesized drums, heavy-end bass and a lot of sampled keyboards and ambient tones to piece together some usually enigmatic tracks.

The opening track, Hedrake, is a good piece on it's own. It's a fairly straightforward piece that gets right to the point. If you listen to Plan B before grabbing this EP, though, Hedrake does manage to feel more or less like a composite of that album. Collections is bass-heavy, hip-hop influenced slow paced beat-fest accented with a light wisp of synthesized tone that flows in the background. Sleep When Home is a very beat heavy track that unfortunately never really seems to go anywhere.

The remixes offer a fine take on the original tracks without being too much of a blatant rip-off. Both the Boss and Dangler remixes are only short efforts that give a healthy glimpse of the original track while adding some new elements. The Snow Hill remix is probably the best of the three, as it really focuses on and emphasizes the best aspects of the original song.

Probably my biggest complaint about this EP is the fact that the tracks are just too straightforward, almost to the point of being plain. Governor lacks the subtlety and nuance that has made previous Scorn albums so interesting to listen to.

While Governor is a good handful of tracks that Scorn fans won't want to miss, it just doesn't manage to hold a candle to the full length album. In fact, this isn't even close to the best remix EP that Scorn has released, but if you're hard up for new music from this hard to find act, Governor will do good to hold you over.

- - Vane

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