Dido No Angel
Grade C
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Dido's first foray into the music realm, No Angel, shows promise for a vocalist who needs a musical identity. Dido's vocals are firm and passionate, filled with strength and personal challenge. With one quick listen, it's obvious that the focus of the album is the strength of her vocals. For the most part, the music is played down, with a few interesting portions.

While the music is not so strong, or individualized, there are some more ingenious interludes, such as the end of Don't Think of Me and Honestly OK. Musically, the album is a mix of soft guitars and piano tracks. All You Want has a soulful, casual pace while Take My Hand showcases a charming string arrangement. On the whole, though, the album is fairly monotonous.

In the end, No Angel really doesn't provide much more than any other pop album that's out. There are a few nice tracks, but on the whole, don't expect anything intelligent or different. Her vocals are different from some of the other pop divas out there, but if you want some music to go with it, then Dido might not be what you want.

- - Vane

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