Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen
Directed By:
Bryan Singer

All that can really be said is WOW!!

As faithful to the comic as one can get while remaining realistic, this film goes down in history as one of the best translations from Comic to Movie (Batman and Superman being the only others). With Marvel's previous track-record, this comes as a surprising change(Anyone else recall The Punisher or Captain America?). This is an enjoyable movie from start to finish with great special effects that aren't overbearing and flashy. In fact, the effects are so subdued I have to give the director kudos for choosing to keep them as low-key as they were on such a delicate Summer blockbuster/soon-to-be franchise.

Much like the comics (especially in the Chris Claremont era), the movie focuses on the characters. Stand-out performances go to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Hell, Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. After seeing his performance, I can't imagine anyone else for the part. This movie should instantly make him a media darling.

Ignore the Indie-flick naysayers who want social issues and personal anguish... This movie is a blast!

- - Kinderfeld

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