Roswell Season 1 DVD
Shri Appleby, Jason Behr
Directed By:
David Nutter/Patrick Norris

When reading the back of the box the first thing I saw was a quote from TV guide:

"Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this show transcends genre... [an] addictive guilty pleasure"

I thought to myself, what a perfect way of describing this series. Roswell as a series blurs the line between sci-fi, drama, and romance much in the way Buffy the Vampire Slayer did. The story revolves around Liz Parker whose life was saved, by an schoolmate named Max Evans, after being shot in a diner where she works. Max's deed cannot be explained by any ordinary means which leads Liz to question his humanity. She finds out later that Max and two other students are not of this world. This sets off a series of events in which Max, Isabel, and Michael must find out their true identities to escape the ever growing fear of being caught.

Guilty pleasure is a perfect way to describe this series. As the story unfolds Max and Liz fall deeply in love, but for some reason they always try to deny their feelings. This will leave you at the edge of your seat screaming at them inside of your mind for them to cut the crap and get on with the lovin'. Each episode you will tell yourself its lame how Max and Liz create so much drama between themselves, but at the same time you can't help to watch each episode to find out what eventually happens between the two. And of course the title theme by Dido never gets old.

The DVD extras are nothing to get excited about. Standard deleted scenes, selected episode commentaries, a couple of featurettes on Area 51 and the “Roswell High” novels the series is based on. There is also plenty of audition clips. If your into that sort of thing. The fact is if your going to buy the DVD it's because you want to watch the series as the extras do not amount to much. Truthfully there are only two episodes I still watch after watching the entire series. So if you have already seen the series on the WB I would have to say pass, but those of you who are among the uninitiated this is definitely an experience you will not want to pass up.

- - Grand Admiral

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