Lost Souls
Winona Rider, Ben Chaplin
Directed By:
Janusz Kaminski

Lost Souls is a prime example of good cinematography wasted. The story is a pale attempt at something like the Omen or the Exorcist. Winona Rider is present at an Exorcism in which a possessed man reveals that Ben Chaplin will become the antichrist. Even with such an ominous premise, this movie really fails to do much in the way of scaring the viewer. There are a few scenes that have potential to be scary, but they're drawn out so much that they lose any fear factor.

In fact, this whole movie seems to drag on. After sitting through it, you feel like a lifetime has passed, but once you're through, you realized that it took less than two hours to feel ripped off. And ripped off you will feel. It's predictable and clichˇ, so much to the point that I'm just tired seeing the Catholic Church made out to be this evil force. And speaking of evil, I thought the Devil was a lot more evil than this. He must be on some kind of medication to make him a more patient and nicer guy.

Except for some good visuals and a dark, moody feel to the movie, there really isn't much there to keep you in the theater. The script is lack-luster, the acting predictable and the ending is woefully dull. Skip this one and go see the Exorcist. Even twenty years old, it's a lot better than this.

- - Kinderfeld

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