Special Strategies

Throw Stone JP accumulator

Early in the game, give as many people the Gained JP UP and the Basic Skill Throw Stone. Find a place where you can pick a fairly easy fight and take out all the enemies. Leave one alive and stone him until he's near critical, then let him wander off and lick his wounds while you have everyone throw stones at each other. After some time, you find your people gaining ridiculous amounts of JP after a couple of fights like this, you should be able to purchase any skills you need.

Prosper from the Dead

As you may have noticed, when a character is rendered unable to combat, you have three round to revive them or they either turn into a crystal or drop a chest. The same goes for the enemy. In fact, early in game, this is the best way to learn skills without having to earn JP for them. When in a battle with NPC enemies, try to leave one alive so you can wait out the others until they finally "pass on". If the NPC turns into a crystal, feel free to send someone over to either. Hopefully, you'll be given the option to inherit any abilities the person might have had that your current fighter doesn't have.

Easier Theft

Make stealing equipment from the enemy easier by casting Stop, Don't Act or Don't Move. Even if it doesn't raise your steal percentage, it will keep the enemy from attacking or moving away from you.

Falling from Heights

If you have an enemy on the edge of a cliff or up high on a rooftop, try to knock them off. The damage they take from the fall might be enough to finish them off. If not, it'll knock them out of immediate reach of your character and cause extra damage to them. Use Dash, Throw Stone or the Ninja Throw Skill. Some critical hits are enough to knock an enemy back a square.

Using Magic on Monsters

Monsters are often weak to one type of magic. If you can find the type they're weak against, you'll be able to cause more damage to them. Here are a few samples.



Pisco Demons








Never Get Touched

Giving a Knight or Squire the Abandon ability, arm them with a Feather Mantle, Crystal Shield and a Defender. Now they should be able to dodge most, if not all, physical attacks. They should also be able to dodge some magical attacks. Lack of Brave When using the Move-Find Item skill or Secret Hunt, a character with a lower Brave will be more likely to find or poach rarer items the someone who has a high brave.

The Deep Dungeon

The Deep Dungeon consists of nine random battles ending in a final battle against a hidden Zodiac Boss. All battles are in complete darkness and you must find the exit square. Since each battle consists of any number of creatures of any type, the following is only some suggestions on how to survive.

Give everyone Move-Find Item. There are a number of excellent items to find on each battlefield. Also, the only way to find the exit on each level is to use this skill.

Kill a few enemies quickly and leave their crystals to illuminate the battlefield. It'll help give you an idea of how you can get around.

Keep in groups. Don't split up until you've managed to whittle the enemy down.

The final battle involves Elidibs and six Apandas. The Apandas all use Bio, Bio2 and Bio3, which all cause a variety of status changes. Make sure to arm everyone with accessories that can counteract these spells. Elidibs uses a number of status causing spells, along with Zodiac, the final learnable summon spell. To have someone learn the spell, they must be a Summoner. Cast Solution, Innocent or Doubt Faith to reduce the Summoner's Faith, thereby reducing the magical damage they would take. If you don't want to learn the spell, then keep as far away from Elidibs until you've removed the Apandas. Once they're gone, rush Elidibs and attack him much like you would any of the other Zodiac Monsters.

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Special Strategies