Chapter 4: Someone to Love

St. Murond Temple

This battle doesn't really involve much in the way of special classes or enemies. Just get rid of the Priest first and then go for the Summoner. If you can, try to steal the rare Dragon Rod from the Summoner and then finish off the rest of your enemies with regular fashion.

Hall of St. Murond Temple

Though the conditions for victory state that you must defeat Vormav in this fight, you actually only need to bring one of the three to the brink of death. The easiest is to single out Kletian, the Sorceror. One round of attacks from Orlandu, Meliadoul and Agrias should do the trick. Using both Orlandu's and Meliadoul's Mighty Sword attacks can quickly end this fight.

Chapel of St. Murond Temple

ZalbagMuch like Elmdor, Zalbag has the Blood Suck attack, which forces you to use the 108 Gems Accessory. In this fight, you can either chose to single out Zalbag, or split your forces between him and the three demons. If you still want to learn the Ultima Spell, then have Ramza hang around the Ultima Demon. Expect to get hit with a lot of mean spells in this fight, so you might want to have Auto-Potion and Move HP Up placed on as many people as you can get.

Go to Goug Machine City and then go to Goland Coal City. Speak with the barkeep about any new rumors. Then, head to Lesalia Imperial Castle, where Beowulf will join your party as a guest. Afterwards, go back to Goland Coal City.

Colliery Underground Third Floor

Yes, you're going up against five Chemists. You might think this one's going to be a breeze. For all intensive purposes, it should be, but the Chemists have this nasty habit of reviving their dead fellows. Also, they're all armed with Mythril Guns which will soon be annoying you to no end. You might want to bring Mustadio along just to use his snipe skills. They'll help keep people down.

Colliery Underground Second Floor

In this fight, you really have a couple of things you might want to accomplish. Have someone steal the Blaze Gun from the Chemist. If you have the Secret Hunt ability equipped, you might want to have them poach the King Behemoth and Behemoth. If not poach, then try to "invite" them so you can keep them around for yourself. Concerning the actual battle, you need to be careful around the Behemoths they can do some real damage if your not careful.

Colliery Underground First Floor

The major difficulty in this battle comes from the two Blue Dragons, who can cause 200-350 points of damage each per attack. Your best bet is to attack them from a distance with either jump attacks or using Mustadio's Snipe skills. You might consider trying to "invite" the Uribo. These very rare creatures are hideously weak but breed into Wild Boars, which can be poached for Ribbons.

Underground Passage in Goland

To Save Reis, you need to have a team that's fast. Having Ignore Height helps as it will allow your men to move forward rather than having to loop around. Between the Archaic Demon, two Ochus and three Plagues, you'll have to be aggressive and remove enemies as quickly as possible. Reis will help her own cause, but up against the Archaic Demon, she might not last too long. It's just best to rush forward and make the enemies face you rather than her.

After this battle Beowulf and Reis will join your party. Beowulf is a good addition, while Reis is decent. Head back to Goug Machine City, where Worker 8 joins your party. Go to Zeltennia Castle and speak to the barkeep about new rumors. Nelveska Temple will turn up as a new battle point.

Nelveska Temple

My only suggestion with this fight is to be very careful. Worker 7, the three Cocatoris and two Hyudras all have the ability to cause severe damage. Bring Worker 8 and someone with the Move-Find Item ability along. On top of both pillars is a top-notch Escutcheon and Javelin, but you have to use Worker 8 as a step to get up there. Be careful of Worker 7 once he goes down, his back-up generator kicks in, giving him a few HP. Finish him off before he does any more damage. With the extreme range that the Cocatoris have, you might want to gang up on them when they come into range.

Head back to Goug Machine City for a small cut-scene.

Zarghidas Trade City

The only real problem you will have in this fight is the lack of HPs that Cloud has. You'll have to make sure to send a contingent to his aid and quick. Sending Orlandu might just be more than enough.

Now that you have Cloud, you will have to go to Bervenia Volcano to get his Materia Blade. It's hidden in the topmost point of the volcano. Once you equip it, Cloud can use his Limit Skills, which you will have to have him learn. You might also want to give him Short Charge, which will let him use his skills in a decent amount of time.

Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor

With only three Knights, two Monks and a single Archer, this is going to be the easiest battle you'll face at this point in the game. Turn your team up as you tear through them. By this time, you should be using Orlandu, Meliadoul and Agrias on a regular basis. Adding Beowulf is good, unless you have a strong magic user in your own team.

Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor

If you can't take out Rofel early, make sure to break his sword to keep him from using his Mighty Sword attacks to destroy your own equipment. You can choose to remove his entourage of Wizards, Summoners and Time Mage, or you can just try to weather them out to get to him. Having a few Lancers will help with their Jump attacks.

Murond Death City

Kletian, you main objective in this fight, breaks the simple rule that all villains should follow: Never stand in front of your troops! Rush and gang up on him. You should be able to kill him in one turn, thereby removing any need to deal with his troops.

Lost Secret Precincts

Once again, you have to face Balk, but this time, he's managed to bring along a few friends. With a Hyudra, Hydra, Tiamat and Dark Behemoth in tow, expect to have a hard fight just to get to him. Both Balk and his fellow Chemist are armed with a Glacier Gun and a Blast Gun. Unless you're in for just having one of everything in the game, I would suggest against trying to steal from them. Speed will be you best ally. If you can reach Balk before the three-headed beasts get to you, you might have a chance to get out of this battle with few casualties. If not, you better circle your wagons and take one enemy out at a time.

Graveyard of Airships

Welcome to the final two battles. First you must defeat Hashmalum, and then you must defeat Altima. Both have a serious amount of HP. Because Altima likes to teleport from one side to the other, you might want to spread your team out, letting one side hit him when he's near while the other plays healer. All I can really suggest is keep at him. Having an Angel Ring attached will help you when someone goes down. Giving one of your members a full set of Monk skills (especially Revive) will help.

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