Chapter 4: Someone to Love

Doguola Pass

With the extreme heights involved in this stage, you might consider equipping the Ignore Height ability to help your team move around. Because of the high-level spells they know, you'll want to remove the Wizards first. You can take care of the rest in easy fashion once they're gone.

Bervenia Free City

Meliadoul is really the only person you need to remove in this fight. With the Ignore Height ability, you can reach her in one turn. Beware her Divine Knight skills allow her to cause damage while destroying your characters' equipment. The only reason you might want to prolong this fight is to steal from her. She has a Defender Sword, Carabini Mail and Cantage Perfume (causes Regen and Reraise). If you're going to steal, then grab her sword first. Without it, she can't use her skills. Concerning the rest of your opponents, really only worry about the Summoners.

Finath River

This fight can be a challenge only because of the number of Chocobos you must face. Eliminate the yellow Chocobos to remove their healing abilities from the field. When going after a Chocobo, try to group up on them one at a time.

Church Outside the Town

Guess who's back: Zalmo!

Once again, if you get to him and take him out, this battle will be over. Use the Ignore Height ability to get to him in next to no time. Both the Knights and Oracles that have face you are of no real consequence and will fall will no real effort.

Bed Desert

Your team will start out this fight poisoned. To counteract this, take a turn to have someone with either the Esuna spell, Antidotes, Remedies or the Monk skill Stigma Magic to remove this annoying problem. Your main problem is the Engineer Balk, who has a Blaze Gun (which casts Ice Spells on the target). Since you cannot easily find this weapon, you will want to steal it from him before removing him from the fight. The two Knights, two Archers and Wizard are really the least of your problems in this fight.

Before heading to Bethla Garrison, load up on equipment and items you'll have two consecutive battles to go through. When you reach Bethla, you will be given the choice to either go to the south or north wall of the garrison. Both fights are equally difficult. If you don't have anyone with the Ignore Height skill, you might wish to choose the south wall.

A - South Wall of Bethla Garrison

The enemy is surprisingly spread out in this area, allowing you to work one or two at a time. Remove the Thief and Ninja early, so as to remove the problems caused by their respective classes.

B - North Wall of Bethla Garrison

With the Ignore Height movement ability, your party can easily get at an enemy party that could wear you down otherwise. With a Summoner, two Lancers, two Archers and a Monk to contend with, you might have a hard time deciding who to remove first. My suggestion, as always, is to remove the Summoner. With their ability to hit a number of people over an area with high damage spells, you'll want to put a stop to that quickly.

In Front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice

OrlanduThis fight will take some time. Your objective is to pull the two levers, which are both protected by Knights. Normally, the two Knights will not leave their posts for any reason, so you will have to kill them, wait for them to expire and then step onto the panels next to the switches. The rest of your opponents are fairly decent, but can be handled with moderate ease. The only real trouble is having to fight your way up to the top of the floodgate.

After the fight, you will receive Orlandu as a permanent member to your party. Do not dismiss him. He is so powerful that you will probably use him in every battle following to help make you life easier. His All Swordskill attacks cause anywhere from 150 to 300 points damage each.

From Bethla Garrison, head to Zarghidas Trade City. When your there, buy a flower from the flower girl (Aerith).

Germinas Peak

The real difficulty in this battle lies in the terrain, which is steep to the point of limiting your movement. Using Ignore Height will help out, but you might want to keep your group close together. If anyone, except Orlandu, gets separated from the rest of the team, they might get singled out and killed. Speaking of Orlandu, feel free to initiate him here.

Poeskas Lake

Once again, you find yourself in a battlefield swarming with the living dead. As before, use a lot of healing items and spells to thin out the crowd. Of the members present, the Summoner and Oracle are the most bothersome. The two Archers can be counteracted with Arrow Guard.

Before heading to Limberry Castle make sure to stock up for a couple of heavy duty battles.

At the Gate of Limberry Castle

This battle signifies the first of two times that Ramza can learn the Ultima spell. To learn it, though, he has to be a Squire and get struck with the spell. Learning it, though, may prove to be more difficult than you care for. With four Apandas who cast Bio spells (which cause petrification, turning people into toads, etc.) and Celia and Lede, the two Assassins from Riovanes Castle. They still have their one-hit kill attack and the ability to Charm along with casting Ultima. The best way to get out of this fight is to focus all attacks on one of the Assassins. Once critical, both Assassins will teleport away, ending the fight.

Before the next fight, either equip your members with the 108 Gems accessory to counteract the "Blood suck" status or the Angel Ring to counteract the instant death attacks caused by the Assassins.

Inside of Limberry Castle

In this fight you must defeat the Assassins and Elmdor, who is basically a vampire samurai. He likes to attack enemies, causing the "Blood Suck" status, which leaves you unable to control that ally. If you think you can hold on, try to steal from Elmdor. Except for his sword, everything he has is rare. Concerning the Assassins, remove them from the battle first. Once they have been initially killed, they will turn into Ultima Demons. While this may not seem like such a great thing, the Ultima Demons are slow and do not have the same single hit kill attack as the Assassins do.

Underground Limberry Castle

With the two Knights having such a great ability to break your equipment, you will probably want to make a bee-line directly for Zalera. Since he's the only you have to kill to win the fight, focus on him. Using Orlandu, Ramza and Agrias to focus on him, you should not have too long before he goes down. Spread the rest of your party out, or just as far away from Zalera as possible to avoid his attacks.

After this battle, Meliadoul will join your team.

Inside of Igros Castle

Your main goal is to get to the top level before Dycedarg turns into Adremelk. Equipping in the Ignore Height ability will aid in this. If you do manage to do this, try to steal the Defender Sword from Dycedarg. With Orlandu and Melidoul in the party, the rest of the enemy party should be no problem. Once Dycedarg turns into Adremelk, finish him off as fast as you can. He may be slow, but he casts a lot of high-level Summons like Bahamut and Leviathan.

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Character Classes

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Chapter 4: Someone to Love Part.1

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Special Strategies


Angel Ring

Adds: Reraise; Cancels: Dead, Darkness

Great accessory for those characters who don't have Auto-Potion or the Item Skill. Also, this accessory is helpful in some of the later battles.

108 Gems

Cancels: Bloodsuck, Frog, Zombie, Poison; Strengthens: All Attributes

This item is a necessity in some battles, especially against Arc Knights with the BloodSuck skill.


Always: Reraise, Regen

Much like the Angel Ring, this is great for characters without Auto-Potion. Can only be used on female characters.

Vanish Mantle

Physical Evade: 40%, Magical Evade: 30%

The ability to evade both magical and physical attacks is essential throughout the game. Using this and the Abandon skill or the Crystal Shield can make your character hard to hit, period.


Cancels: Dead, Petrify, Confusion, Bloodsuck, Berserk, Stop, Charm, Sleep, Invitation

With the ability to counteract most status effects, this headpiece is great to have. Can only be worn by females, but can be worn by Monks.

N-Kai Armlet

Cancels: Charm, Confusion; Halves: Darkness

One of the few accessories that counteracts charm and confusion for male characters.

Crystal Shield

Physical Evade: 40%; Magical Evade: 15%

Much like the Vanish Mantle, the Crystal Shield gives the character the evade attacks.


Cancels: Dead, Undead, Petrify, Invitation, Darkness, Confusion, Bloodsuck, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Charm, Sleep, Don't Act, Don't Move, Death Sentence

The Holy Grail of status prevention, the Ribbon is vital later in the game when enemies cast all sorts of bad effects. Can only be used by female characters.

Magic Gauntlet

Magic Attack Strength +2

Attaching this to a magic user allows them to cause more damage with spells.

Germinas Boots

Move +1; Jump +1

The best boots in the game. Gives your characters a +1 on both Move and Jump.