Chapter 2: The Manipulator and the Subservient

Dorter Trade City

After gaining Gafgarion and Agrias in your party, you'll also get the opportunity to add the three NPCs from the first battle of the game. Even if you don't wish to keep them, add them to your party and then strip them of equipment. Then, let them go. Unless you didn't spend much time working with your people, they should be much weaker than you current party members.

Before leaving Orbonne, make sure your party is ready, because you'll be ambushed as soon as you reach Dorter. Don't fret if you didn't manage to do so, because your two NPCs (Agrias and Gafgarion) will more than swing the tide of the battle in your favor from the get-go. Consisting of Thieves, Archers and Wizards, the enemy party has low hit-point totals, so this battle really shouldn't take too much time.

Araguay Woods

At the start you will be given the choice whether to "Save the Chocobo" or "Defeat All Enemies". Choose "Save the Chocobo." Both will net you the same results, except you won't suffer a 10-point reduction in Brave Points during the fight. As before, these Goblins are susceptible to Ice magic. With Gafgarion and Agrias tagging along, this fight should be a breeze. At the beginning, the Chocobo will run off to a corner, only attacking to defend itself. You might want to send someone over to give him a helping hand if you chose "Save the Chocobo." Either way, the Chocobo will join your party. Keep him along, even if you don't plan to use him just yet.

Zirekile Falls

DelitaBefore this fight, remove everything of worth off of Gafgarion, especially his sword. He will be leaving your party in the most unfriendly of ways. Give at least one person the ability to heal with the thought that they will be focusing on Ovelia to keep her alive. At the start of the battle, let Delita move towards the Knights on the right side while your men focus on the Knights, thereby ignoring Gafgarion. Without a weapon or armor, he'll run away from the fight. Protect Ovelia and keep her HPs up while you eliminate Gafgarion and then the two Knights on your side. Afterwards, send your troops over to aid Delita.

After the fight, Ovelia will join your party as an NPC. Strip her of equipment. She won't be needing it.

Zaland Fort City

If you choose "Defeat all Enemies" rather than "Save Mustadio", your party's Brave points will temporarily increase by 5. This battle will be a long, hard fight, no matter what you do. Because Mustadio prefers to use his Snipe skills on the Archers, make sure to focus on the Wizards first. On occasion, toss Mustadio a potion or two to keep him going.

Bariaus Hill

This battle marks perfect opportunity to use the Prosper from the Dead Strategy. Send two parties to wipe out both Summoners, and quickly. They can both be dangerous to your party if you leave them alive. I suggest either using Monks with the Earth Slash ability, Lancers, or a Ninja or two. After wiping them out, milk out the rest of the battle. Neither the Knights nor Archers are of any real consequence as long as you keep your party's HP maintained.

Before you head to Lionel Castle, remove all equipment from Agrias and Ovelia. Both will be leaving your party.

Zigolis Swamp

Because the water in this swamp causes the poison status, do not end any of your character's turns in the water. Since all except two of the enemies are undead, feel free to bring a Priest or two along. Their healing spells are often more damaging than most regular attacks and with the difficulty in terrain, the distance of the attacks are helpful. Also, Mustadio's Seal Evil skill (if he has it) can quickly shorten the lifespan of any undead.

Goug Machine City

Before leaving town, make sure to purchase a few Romanda Guns. Take a moment to make sure your party is the way you like it before leaving you will be ambushed. Once the battle starts, make a bee-line for the Summoners. If you have a couple Summons of your own, target the rooftop in the back a number of the enemies like to stay back there. Watch out for the Thieves they like to use Steal Heart. As long as you keep your female fighters out of their range, you should be fine.

After this battle, Mustadio will join you. Make sure to arm and equip him if you plan to use him.

Bariaus Valley

At the start of battle, you'll be asked to save Agrias. To be honest, you won't have to do much other than mop up and occasionally throw her a potion or two. After the battle, she will join you party. Keep her around. Her Holy Knight skills are essential in fights throughout the rest of the game. Also, getting her this early in the game allows you to develop skills in other classes with her.

Golgorand Execution Site

To prepare for this fight, you must understand that you will be severely outnumbered and your team will be split into two parties. Your biggest problem from the start is Gafgarion. If you take him out in the first round or two, your life will be easier. Although they're annoying, the two Time Mages should be last on your list of people to take out. I suggest loading up on Knights and Lancers. Give a couple of them Black Magic or the Punch Arts secondary skills to help out. Also, make sure you have someone capable of healing, because your people will be taking on a lot of damage.

Before the next battle, make sure you have enough Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs for a few fights (two hard ones to be exact). Also, replace any equipment broken by the Knights in the previous fight.

At the Gate of Lionel Castle

Once again, you will find your team split up against Gafgarion and a handful of troops, but this time Ramza has to face Gafgarion on his own. Bring your heavy hitters in this fight. Agrias is great for the second party, along with any Knights or Lancers with high Brave points. Also, bring along anyone who's good with Black Magic or Summons. The more damage you can do to more people the better.

Concerning Ramza and Gafgarion: Give Ramza Auto-Potion and the best armor. If you have the patience, try to break Gafgarion's sword. If things get too much, run over to the gate switch and bring in the reinforcements.

Inside Lionel Castle

Queklain is the first in a line of Zodiac Monsters you'll have to defeat throughout the game. This fight should give you an idea of what to expect in later battles. His Nightmare attack is brutal, causing Sleep, Death Sentence, etc. on all in its path. For that reason, keep everyone spread out. Attack quick but carefully. One strategy is to rush him, hoping to waste him in the first turn. Since Queklain doesn't try to heal himself, this fight should be manageable. If you have anyone who knows Holy, bring them along. Queklain doesn't care for it one bit.

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