Chapter 1: The Meager

Orbonne Monastery

Being the first battle of the game, you only have control over Ramza (or whatever you decided to call him), so just figure out the basic controls and let Agrias and Gafgarion beat the enemies down. Don't worry if you get knocked out - you won't die in this battle.

Magic City Gariland

When the first real battle starts out, you have to choose the four people to join Ramza in this battle. I suggest using both Chemists and using the two Squires with the highest Brave points. Remember, the higher the Brave points, the more damage physical attacks can do. Start out by splitting up your team, sending one Squire and Chemist with Delita and sending the others with Ramza. Take out the enemy Chemist early to keep him from healing the others. The rest should just fall in line.

Mandalia Plains

AlgusAt the beginning, you be given the choice of objectives, between "Save Algus" and "Destroy the Death Corps." If you choose the second, your team will permanently gain 2 HP a piece and extra 8 HP for the length of the battle. That and you won't have to worry about keeping gung-ho Algus alive. As with many of the early battles, use both Chemists and take out one enemy at a time. Be careful of the Red Panther: it's the first enemy that can and will counter your attacks.

After the battle, you'll have both Delita and Algus in your party as NPCs. Head to Igros Castle for a couple of cut-scenes and then buy what you can. You might want to think about getting into a couple random battles on the Mandalia Plains to pick up some extra cash and experience.

Sweegy Woods

Be careful in this fight. You have to fight Goblins, Black Goblins, Bombs and a Red Panther. At this point, you should have at least one or two people learn some of the Black Magic spells. The goblins and bombs are especially susceptible to Ice spells. Don't bunch around the bombs - sometimes, they like to explode causing major damage to everything in the area.

Before heading onto Dorter Trade City, make sure that you have some if not all of your people upgraded to Level Two Jobs. Also, change Algus and Delita to Archers. It should make the next fight a little easier.

Dorter Trade City

Let Algus and Delita go after the Archer on the top of the structure. If they have either Black Magic or a bow, they should reach him in a round or two. Spend the first rounds keeping your people healthy and moving forward. The first enemies you'll want to take out are the Wizards. If you wait until they commit to a spell and are stuck in the position of spell-casting, most of your good fighters can kill them with one shot. But, beware, the same is also true for the enemy. Once the Wizards and the Archer up top are dismissed, the rest of the battle should be a breeze. Having a couple people with distance attacks makes this fight somewhat easier.

Cellar of the Sand Rats

Before this fight, return Delita and Algus back to Squires or turn them into Knights and give them both a lot of armor. I suggest that you bring at least a Priest and someone else who can use items, one in each party. Also, put someone with the Black Magic skill in the second party. At the beginning of the battle, let Algus rush to the doorway, blocking it. Usually, the enemy likes to try and push its way out through that door. Have the Wizard continually cast right next to the doorway, while Delita and your first party work their way through the other entrance. If you place Ramza in the first party, you should be able to use he and Delita to play cleanup with what remains inside. Also, have someone throw Algus a potion every now and then, so that he can continue to plug up the doorway.

After this fight, you will return to Igros Castle. By this time, you might start thinking about passing up Potions and start purchasing Hi-Potions. Just make sure that everyone who has the Item option knows Hi-Potion. Also, having the Auto-Potion skill is a plus, especially for weaker allies, like Wizards, Chemists and Priests.

Thieves Fort

Be careful of the Thieves in this battle. They love to use the Steal Heart skill to Charm your female characters. I suggest either don't use any female characters in this fight, or keep them in the background as a Priest, Archer or Wizard. As with the last fight, this one allows you to bottleneck the enemy as they try to move through a doorway two squares wide. Use this to your advantage with a number of group spells, but be wearyƒ The Priests also know a few attack spells, and they are as willing to take you out with them as you would be.

After the fight, head back to Igros Castle, but before you get there, take everything of any worth off of Algus. He'll be leaving the party for good.

Lenalia Plateau

Move fast and try to bum-rush the two Wizards and single Time Mage. They will be your biggest obstacle. Although Miluda may have a superior amount of HP than the rest, she still is nothing more than a Knight. After mopping up the Wizards and Time Mage, work your way around, eliminating one Knight at a time.

Windmill Shed

Between the two Monks, the Yellow Chocobo and Weigraf, this proves to be the toughest battle yet. Have a Wizard or anyone with Black Magic stay near the steps leading up in hopes that they might catch Weigraf and the two Monks clustered together as they try to come down. As with any Yellow Chocobo, try to eliminate it before it can run away. Once it starts to use its Choco Cure, your battle can get progressively harder. Try to keep Delita alive, as he will garner a lot of attention from Weigraf.

Before the next battle, give Delita some really good armor and the ability to use Potions or Hi-Potions on himself. It will make your life easier.

Fort Zedaken

Since your party gets divided in two for this battle, I strongly suggest placing someone with White Magic or the Item skill in the first party with Ramza and Delita. In the second party, I favor a strong fighter and either a Wizard or an Archer (someone with a distance attack). At the beginning of the fight, don't rush forward with Ramza (unless you wish to send him to a swift demise). Hang back and let the enemy make their move. Move the second party around, flanking the enemy and removing any stragglers that may be waiting for them (usually a Knight and a Wizard hang back). At this point, let Algus and Delita fight it out, occasionally making sure Delita doesn't die. He'll keep Algus busy throughout the whole battle if he stays alive. Use Ramza and whoever else was in the first party to work over the Knights and Wizard(s). You might want to take out the Wizards as soon as possible, because they know a lot of second level spells (Fire 2, Ice 2, etc.). After the Wizards go down, go after the Knights and then wrap up the fight between Algus and Delita.

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Character Classes

Chapter 1: The Meager

Chapter 2: The Manipulator and the Subservient

Chapter 3: The Valiant

Chapter 4: Someone to Love Part.1

Chapter 4: Someone to Love Part.2

Special Strategies

Skills to have at the start of the Game

Gained JP Up


Allows you charachters to gain more JP quicker. Will helpyou get your skills faster.

Throw Stone


First distance attack available until you get the Archer class and bows. Also see Throw Stone JP accumulator in special strategy section.

Auto Potion


Even with the cost of 400 JP, this skill will save your life more than once. Allowing you to automatically use potions when injured keeps you from wasting a turn to heal.

Weapon Guard


The next best thing to Auto-Potion, this skill allows you to deflect physical attacks with your weapon.

Move-Find Item


Essential movement skill that allows you to find hidden items on the battlefield.



Allows your characters to gain power. Best at the beginning of battle when your moving to intercept the enemy and need an action to gain JP.

Phoenix Down


Essential! Allows you to use Phoenix Downs to bring fallen allies back.

Power Break


Used early in the game, this skill cuts down the attack power of your enemies. Great because of the higher success rate compared to the other skills.

Cure 2


Great spell for giving HPs to your party members.



Goblins are weak against Ice spells. With the number of goblins that appear in regular and random battles throughout the first part of the game, how can you go wrong?

The Learn Skill screen for the Ramza's Squire Class. The common Squire won't be able to learn Yell and Wish.