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No good RPG should be without a handful of mini-games. Here we list a couple that you should make the effort to find.

Playing the Guitar
The guitar mini-game can both be frustrating and addictive. The songs:

Impressions - Played on Day 1 Week 1 when you meet Xelpherpolis and Loreille for the first time.
Eternal Love - Played on Day 5 Week 1 during the wedding
Love Grows - On Day 5 during Week 1, walk beneath the Princess' tower between 12-6PM. When Pattimo says somthing about the Princess being up in the tower, stop and play a song.
Call of the Sea - Learned when you try to recruit Kyte.
Celestial Road - Go to the Woodcutter's village in Map 4-6. Get the parts to fix the lift and talk to Varley, who is by the gate from 6 AM-12, or chopping wood in the Southeast corner from 12-6 PM. He'll give you the song.
Woods Energy - Take Rinna's tour on Day 3 on both week one and two. When you play for her on week two, you'll get this song.

Various Codes: Perform these codes using the corresponding buttons (depending on your controller set-up) at the song selection screen.

Hide: Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green - This will hide the notes about halfway up the bar.
Fast Forward: Red, Green, Blue, Pick X 2 - This makes the music scroll faster.
Super Fast Forward: Red, Green, Blue, Pick X 2, Red, Green, Blue, Pick X 2 - This makes the music scroll fast.
Random Mode: Blue, Green X 2, Red, Green, Pick - Makes some of the notes random.
Easy Mode: Red X 3, Green X 2, Blue X 2, Pick X 2. This removes the red and blue notes, meaning you only have to play the green notes.
Clear all Codes: Pick X 10 - Reverses all other codes.

The Drinking Game
Once you have recruited Claire (for more on that, check the Characters Section), visit her at the bar in map 6-5 on any day between 8 PM and midnight. Talk to the waitress behind the bar, who will ask you if you want to playing a drinking game with Claire for 100 G. The goal of the game is to get Claire drunker than Mouse by feeding her stronger mixed drinks by the use of slot-machine interface. At the beginning of each character's turn, you'll hit the X button to choose what the mixture percentage of the finished drink is. Then, a slot-machine of alcohol bottles will come up and you will hit the X button three times to select the liquor to mix with.

Drink Chart
Drink Color Blue Green Yellow Green Orange Red
Strength Weak (Water) Light (Gin/Wine) Medium (Whiskey) Strong (Brandy/Tequila) Heavy (Scotch)

When you beat Claire the first 9 times, you'll get a piece of the map. After that point, you'll get Phoenix Potions.

Domino Card Game
You'll be able to access this lucrative mini-game once you begin the events in which you recruit Gallhint (see Characters). After fighting Gallhint's thugs in map piece 4-7, follow them to his hideout in 3-7. From 12-6 PM on days 1-3, you can go into the north building and challenge Ivy to a card game for half of your money. The game involves both you and Ivy getting fourteen cards which are marked with musical notes, each worth a different point value. You take turns placing them in a line, trying to match the symbol on either end with a card in your hand. Cards not placed are put in your discard pile and the points of the symbols on the cards are tallied up. Whoever has the least amount of points wins. If you've played dominos, you'll have some idea of what to expect. Here are some tips:

1) Save before entering the building. If you lose, you can reload the last saved game.
2) If you find Ivy discarding, look at the symbols on each end and try to make sure the cards you place end in the same symbols. If he's discarding, it means he doesn't have anything with those symbols.
3) If you have to discard, start small. Throw away cards from left to right.
4) This game is no longer available after Gallhint asks you to help him fight Xelpherpolis on day 3 at the castle.


 Gameshark Codes 

Since we did not discover these codes, we will provide links to code listings from other gaming sites:

Gamespot : http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/hints/0,10872,2795646,00.html
IGN.com: http://codes.ign.com/gameshark/52/13594.html


 Old Quarry Ruins 

Use the following directions to get through one of the more difficult (and possibly annoying) dungeons in the game.

1) Enter and head north until you reach the ramp in your left (west).
2) Head up to the second level and go north along the western side. When you see a ramp leading down, ignore it and head east. When you can no longer go east, go south until you find a ramp going up to the third level.
3) Head north along the eastern side of the dungeon until you reach the next area.
4) Head west to the bridge and cross it. Cross the next bridge.
5) Take the path north, then west, then south until you reach a downward (to the east) ramp. Go down and head northeast until you find another ramp heading up (southward).
6) Go east and take the bridge across. Keep going east until you pass under a bridge.
7) Take the next northern path north, weaving back and forth through the winding path to the end.


 Quest for 12 Flowers 

When travelling through the swamps in maps 2-4, 2-5, 3-3, 3-4, and 3-5, you will run into a man by the name of Kihitch between 6 AM and noon in map 2-4. He will ask you to find twelve flowers from around the island for him.

Artemis - Bought in flower shop in map 6-5 for 1,000 G.
Paltina - Bought in flower shop in map 6-5 for 10,000 G. Also found in the flower shop on the beach in map 6-4.
Evergreen - Bought in flower shop in map 6-5 for 1,000 G. Also found in a chest in map 6-7. Can be used to increase the rate of battles where the enemy is grouped in the center.
Snow White - Bought in flower shop in map 6-5 for 1,000 G.
Nightmare - Bought in flower shop in map 6-5 for 1,000 G.
Lilipus - Bought from the old hag in map 1-6 for 1,000 G.
Rapendia - Look at the northwest floral arrangement at the bird park in map 6-4. Temporarily increases AP.
Wish Flower - Bought in the flower shop in map 6-4 for 1,000 G. Used as an event item in recruiting Grantus.
Flame Crest - Sold in Coal Miners Village in map 4-4 for 1,000 G.
Gemini - Bought from Kyaron in the farm in map 5-7 during the day for 1,000 G.
Evening Fog Herb - Bought in the shop along the beach in map 7-4 for 1,000 G.
Cosmo Color - Bought in the shop in the Celestial Village (map 1-4) for 1,000 G.

After you locate all of the flowers, go back to where you found Kihitch from 6 AM to Noon. He'll ask you to give them to his girlfriend, Rabister. Find her in map 7-6 between 6 AM and Noon on the path north of the quarry. Give the flowers to her and go back and find Kihitch. He'll give you a Mage's Crest (Defense +10).

Thanks to Josh Sortelli for the info.


 Kyte's Dungeon 

During your quest to recruit Beak and Fang (see Character Recruitment), you will be transported to an isle in which Mouse alone will have to travel through a dungeon to rescue Kyte. Follow these basic directions to get through:

  1. Hit all 4 switches in first floor. There will be one in each of the four corners (NW, NE, SE, SW)
  2. There are two sets of stairs on the first floor. Take the southeast set of stairs down to floor two
  3. On the second floor, find all four staircases leading down to floor three and throw the switches in the four chests on floor three
  4. Go back up to floor one and go to the northeast stairs
  5. Take the stairs down to through the second and third floors and then back up to first (It's a fairly linear path). You'll end up at a transporter in the southwest corner of the first floor.
  6. Teleport down to floor three.
  7. Now, you're in a dungeon of dark blue rock. Head west until you find a south path. Go south.
  8. At the end of the path, go east until you find Kyte and a boss.
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The guitar mini-game is a great diversion that can earn you a few bucks and some frustration.
The Drinking mini-game is downright funny. It nets you some useless maps and Phoenix Potions, but is well worth the time just for the laughs.
Thanks to Dragnfly for the Drinking Game pic.