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Here's a listing skills (both starting and learned) available to the characters. Thanks to Kurt Landrus for providing this list. Additional thanks to Rurik Hazell for filling in a lot of the holes and fixing some errors.

Skill Name Attributes When Learned Description
Slash - starting Cuts Opponent from the Front
Duet - starting Causes Paralysis
JumpSlash - Slash - 3 Slices Opponent while Jumping
Charging Strike - JumpSlash - 5 Attacks Area while charging
RaySlash Light Charging Strike - 8 Charges up, then releases offensive power
Super Skills - These are skills Mouse learns from other allies randomly during combat.
Power Jump Fire Rummy - Diving Kick Kick while jumping high in air
Gaia Wave - Bagoth - Terra Break Kills choosen enemy (no bosses)
Rhythmical Beat Illusion Rinna - Maniac Rhythm Notes Fall on enemies
Portrait Holy Plosi - Sketch A Monster made of energy attacks
Cleaning - Ano - Lost Page Attacks enemies, can eleminate defense attributes.
Needle Arrows Wind Gallhint - Tripleshot Blades rain on enemies.
Leaf Screen - Lloyd - Wooden Ball Tree leaves stir up the enemy. Lowers accuracy
Double Horn Evil Grantus - Horn Thrust Destroys all opponents in an area. Ineffective against boss characters.
Wild Cross Flame Bic - Catharsis Slashes enemies with cross-strokes
Silent Cross Thunder Fang - Vacuum Spear Launches a shockwave in the shape of a cross
Whirling Cuts Water Kyte - Sea Cat Call Call consecutive hits
Hurry Time Claire - Speed Chain Speed increases for all allies
Ultra Skills - These are skills Mouse learns by combining two of his super skills.
Sonic Saber   Power Jump/Needle Arrow Rapidly continue to hit enemy
Drainage   R. Beat & Double Horn Drains your opponent's HP
Tsunami Ice Whirling Cuts/Gaia Wave A tsunami hits, with a chance of freezing the enemy
Death Gate Evil Portrait & Cleaning The gates to Hades open. Opponent is destroyed
Time Roar Time Leaf Screen & Hurry Stops time for all opponents
Grand Cross Light Wild & Silent Cross (You also need Slash at lvl 10) Charges up, then releases offensive power
Hard Punch Fire starting A straight hard punch
Hi-Kick - Hard Punch -2 Runs to opponent and does hi-kick
Iron Fist Dance Flame Hi-Kick - 10 Five consecutive hits
Diving Kick - Hi-Kick - 5 A Drop kick
Swirling Kick Wind Scissor Kick - 4 Attack area with spinning kick
Scissor Kick - Hi-Kick - 4 Sweeps enemie, can paralyze, not effective against flyiing enemies.
Focus - Aura - 2 Increases offensice power
Scold - starting Nullifies paralysis of one ally
Aura - Hard Punch - 4 Meditates, restores HP
Chain Attack - starting Attacks with chain
Cologne - Chain Attack - 2 Causes confusion to one enemy
Speed Chain Time Cologne - 2 Increases speed of allies
Guard Circle Time Chain Attack - 4 Increases defenses of allies
Heal Circle Time Guard Circle - 2 Gradually recover HP, all allies
Spring Cleaning - starting Hits with mop
Extermination - Spring Cleaning - 2 3 hits with mop
Wake Up - Extermination - 2 Wake ally by tossing water on them
Recovery Dance - starting Dance that restores HP
Battle Dance - Recovery Dance - 2 Dance that increases offensive strength
Woozy Dance - Battle Dance - 2 Dance that will reduce offensive strength
Tarinba Shoot - starting Throws a tarinba
Dance of Serenity - Recovery Dance - 3 Dance of Sleep
Manic Rhythm Illusion Dance of Serenity - 2 Notes Fall on enemies in area
Dance of Joy - Dance of Serenity - 3 Exp points increase with the number of consecutive dances.
Spear Thrust - starting Thrusts at enemy with spear
Hyper Jab - Spear Thrust - 2 Thrusts the spear quickly
Sky Spear - starting Targets enemy weak point with spear
Thunder Spear Thunder Sky Spear - 2 Thunder strikes the spear after contact
Insanity Spear Evil Hyper Jab - 2 Launches attacks until the enemy dies. HP is 1 after use
Vacuum Spear Thunder Thunder Spear - 2 Fills the tip of the spear with all your energy and launches it
Wolf Fang Spear - Insanity Spear - 2 Spear splits into two and attacks
Whirlwind Spear - Wolf Fang Spear - 2 Spear strikes 3 times. 50% chance of paralysis
Black Ink - starting Blinds enemy
Brush Up - Hidden Talent - 2 Reduces enemies offensive strength.
Psych Spray - Hidden Talent - 3 Causes confusion to enemy area.
X-Mark - Brush Up - 2 Stops enemy.
Sketch - Black Ink - 3 Draws enemy into Monster chart.
Hidden Talent Fire Black Ink - 2 Blows fire from mouth.
Wield - starting Attack with fish.
Shark Killer - Wield - 2 Increase offense of ally
Sailor's Song - Shark Killer - 2 Increase defenses of all allies
Bald Head - Wield - 3 Blinds all enemies.
Preaching - Shark Killer - 3 Preach relentlessly. Decreases morale.
Cat Call - Wield - 4 Throw fish, cats attack enemy.
Sea Cat Call - Cat Call - 4 Sea Gulls attack enemies.
Moth Swarm - starting Moths attack all enemies.
Lecture - Chart - 2 Lecture puts enemy to sleep.
Chart - Moth Swarm - 2 Record enemy stats to Monster chart.
Lost Page - Lecture - 2 Enemy skill misses once.
God's Tear - starting Restores Hp one ally.
Loud Snore - Blessing - 3 Gradually restores HP. (Beak only)
Blessing - God's Tear - 2 Heals status conditions one ally.
Galvanize - Edge - 2 Weakens enemy attacks by 70%
Edge - starting Diagonal slice.
Double Blow - Galvanize - 2 Two consecutive cuts.
Catharsis - Double Blow - 2 Three consecutive cuts.
Holy Wave - Double Blow - 3 Attacks area with waves from sword.
Rage Wave - Catharsis - 2 Sends out wave of anger, attacks all enemies, and allies.
Knife Throw - starting Throws a knife
Triple Shot - Nailed - 2 Throws several knifes at enemies in area.
Rush Wind Triple Shot - 2 Punches enemy multiple times.
Nailed - Knife Throw - 2 Stops enemy
Mug - Knife Throw - 3 Steals money from enemy.
Hurricane - Mug - 2 Parry enemies special attack.
Clobber - starting Beats enemy with club.
Bashing - Clobber - 2 Hits enemy 3 times, can cause paralysis.
Terra Break Earth Bashing - 2 Kills enemies in area with magma.
Hammer Throw Light Bashing - 6 Throws light hammer
Analyze - starting record enemies shape and characteristics
Duplicate - Analyze - 3 After using Analyze change into enemy that has been analyzed
Wooden Ball - Head Bomb - 2 Turns into Ball to defend.
Head Bomb - starting Throws head at enemy
Wooden Missle - Wooden Ball - 2 Launches missles at enemy.
Overload Time Wooden Missle - 2 Ball up and self-destruct, destroys all enemies, and self.
Slap - starting Slaps enemy
Toe kick - starting Kicks enemy.
Somersault - starting back flip that damages enemy.
Demon Bull - starting Uses axe to pierce enemy
Brandish Evil Demon Bull - 2 Lays axe on side and cuts. Attacks all enemies.
Horn Thrust - Brandish - 2 Charges and attacks all enemies in an area
Iron Blast - Horn Thrust - 2 Swings axe downwards
Demon Roar - Demon Bull - 3 Decreases the enemy's offensive strength with a loud shout
Thanks to Kurt Landrus for providing this list. Additional thanks to Rurik Hazell for filling in a lot of the holes and fixing some errors.
* Additional Information by David Lazarin


The following list gives you each character's magic and at what level they learn it. Thanks to Kurt Landrus for providing this list. Additional thanks to Rurik Hazell for filling in a lot of the holes and fixing some errors.

Spell Name Attributes Level MP Description
Glare Light 8 9 Blinds enemy
Verdict Dark 38 22 Banishes opponents who have made a physical attack
Angel's Chorus Holy 12 4 Morale Increases
Dirge Evil 24 8 Enemy's morale decrease
FireBall Fire 10 3 Shoot fireballs at enemy
Fire Shower Fire 15 7 Fireballs fall on enemy
Flare Fire 26 18 Numerous fire bullets attack enemy
Pyre Fire 38 36 Fire explosion over enemy
Heal Light 12 6 Restores HP
Super Heal Light 33 12 Restores HP
Mega Heal Light 42 15 Restores HP
Frost Ice 5 7 Ice pierces the enemy
Freeze Ice 12 16 Ice arrows attack opponent
Glacier Ice 8 41 A glacier covers opponent
Blizzard Ice 40 64 Icy gale attacks all opponents
Ice Tornado Ice 48 86 Icy tornado damages all opponents
Ice Fusion Ice 8 7 Ice attribute added.
Slow Time 25 10 Reduces speed of enemy
Lag Time 36 20 Reduces speed of all enemies.
Disruption Time 42 30 Temporarily stops enemy.
Holy Fingertips Holy 14 16 Restores Hp.
Holy Rescue Holy 26 22 Restores Hp.
Cleansing Holy 6 8 Cures poison or paralysis
Purification Holy 20 16 Returns all status to normal.
Revival Holy 34 22 Revives from KO, restores 50% HP
Supreme Revival Holy 42 40 Revives from KO, restores 100% HP
Vengeance Holy 52 92 A strike from the heavens
Daze Illusion 8 8 Confuses enemy
Shadow Illusion 35 8 Enemies next attack will miss.
Morning Breeze Wind 18 6 Restores HP, and awakens from sleep.
Morning Gale Wind 26 10 Restores HP to both enemies, and allies, nullifies bad conditions.
Vanish Wind 44 10 Escape from battle.
Acid Rain Water 32 5 Sets up a counter-offensive ring against direct attacks by enemy
Reflecting Pool Water 42 10 Reflects magic effects; one time only
First Rain Water 16 3 Healing Rain
Morning Dew Water 6 10 Clears poison and Zombie status
Baptism Water 12 4 Spears of water fall from sky
Flood Water 28 20 Water attack
Fog Illusion 34 8 Blinds enemy
Sweet Dreams Illusion 12 8 Puts enemy to sleep
Worst Fear Illusion 26 8 Decreases enemies offensive strength
Jolt Thunder 16 6 Lightning attacks all enemies.
Electrify Thunder 28 32 Balls of Lightning attacks all enemies.
Bolts Thunder 42 55 Poweful lightning attacks all enemies
Wrath of Zeus Thunder 54 86 An electrified sword attacks the enemy
Thunder Fusion Thunder 5 15 Thunder attribute added.
System Shock Thunder 18 9 Paralyzes enemy.
Demon Fire Fire 50 82 Enemies and allies enveloped by a huge fireball
Electric Swarm Thunder 46 78 7 lightning balls are alunched at all opponents
Dragon Tooth Flame starting 8 Blazing Fang will attack enemies in area.
Dragon Fang Flame 18 22 Giant blazing fang attacks enemies in area.
Vortex Flame 26 50 Tornado of fire attacks area.
Flame Quake Flame 41 80 Fire quake attacks area.
Golem Flame 49 85 Blazing monster arises from a ring of lava
Flame Fusion Flame starting 15 Flame attribute added.
Flash Light 12 12 Light blade attacks enemy.
Pierce Light 34 56 Numerous light spears attack enemy.
Nova - 56 100 Attacks all enemies with arrows of light
Necromancy Evil 45 28 Resurects dead enemies to fight for you.
Poison Evil 29 10 Countdown to death over enemy.
Drain Evil 22 12 Steals enemy HP
Wide Drain Evil 37 16 Steals enemies HP from area.
Death Evil 29 24 kills enemy, Giant skull sucks in enemy.
Evil Wrath Evil 53 98 Poison attribute. Stone pillars inflicts damage on enemies and allies.
Terror Evil 31 18 Paralyzes enemy.
Mirage Illusion 20 25 Large vision of Bagoth attacks.
Doppleganger Illusion 43 48 Enlarged vision of Bagoth attacks.
Fire Armor Fire 38 7 Enemies recieve Fire damage then they attack.
Boulder Earth 14 9 Boulder hits enemy from sky.
Landslide Earth 32 22 3 boulders hit enemy.
Avalanche Earth 51 46 Numerous boulders are launched at the enemy.
Earth Wall Earth 28 5 Defends against one physical attack.
Whirlwind Wind 25 10 Tornado attacks enemy.
Tornado Wind 34 30 Tornado attacks all enemies.
Typhoon Wind 47 60 Numerous tornadoes attack all opponents.
Twilight Breeze Wind 29 16 Puts all enemies to sleep.
Confession Dark 16 12 Black spear stabs enemy
Judgement Dark 32 28 Spears of darkness pierce area.
Punishment Dark 28 68 Black spears attack all enemies
Utter Darkness Dark 55 82 Arrows of darkness fall all around.
Total Eclipse Dark 2-4? 9 Go blind from darkness.
Burden of Sin Dark 43 11 Enemy is unable to move.
Angel's Chorus Holy starting 4 Morale Increases
Dirge Evil starting 8 Enemy's morale decrease
Tremor Earth starting 18 Upheaval in the Earth attacks enemy area.
Quake Earth 35 43 Large boulders are launched at the enemy area. Earth attribute
Meteor Shower Earth 50 58 Target area is attacked by shooting stars.

* Additional Information by David Lazarin
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