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 Reoccurring Events 

These events happen on a weekly basis. During the first week, you'll often be transported to where you need to be at that certain time. After the first week, you really won't have to go to any of these events unless you choose to or unless they're a part of a quest to recruit a character.

Day 1

5 PM - Be in the castle to give your performance to Xelpherpolis. Depending on how good you do, you'll get an advance of up to 10,000. To get the money, you need to run down to the Public Office and talk to the seated person in the east of the building.

Day 2

7 AM - Meet Rummy at the beach on map 4-7.
8 AM - Xelpherpolis and Loreille take part in ceremony at shrine in map 4-7. In the first week, you're automatically taken there.
1 PM - Meet with Bagoth in the castle.
5 PM - Rummy stops you to invite you to dinner. This will happen until you recruit her.
7:30 PM - Meet Rummy at the restaurant marked in map 5-5. You will not be transported there, so you have to find it yourself and be there on time.

Day 3

6-10 AM - On the first week, you'll need to be at the Inn so that Rinna can take you on a tour and show you her hidden place.
6 PM - The beginning of the dance ceremony takes place in the center of the city. You don't have to be present for this.
7:45 PM - Xelpherpolis gives his speech at the castle. Bandits will show up and a fight will ensue.

Day 4

AM - Head to the castle sometime in the morning to meet Ano and get invited to the dinner that night.
12-6 PM - If you show up on the beach in map 2-3 without Kyte in your group, a cut-scene involving him and Matilda will happen. This will only happen after you recruit him and is required if you want to recruit Beak and Fang (see Characters).
7:30 PM - Eat dinner with Xelpherpolis and let events between Xelpherpolis and Rummy play out.

Day 5

9 PM - The wedding takes place. After week one, you can decide whether or not to shop up to this.

Days 1-3

6 - 10 PM - Visit the bar in the southwest portion of the map 7-5. You'll find Kyte here.

Days 1-5

8 PM - 12 AM - Visit the bar in the map 6-5 and buy Claire a bottle of spirits for 200.


 The Characters 

Below we give you the basic details on how to get other characters to join you. Unless otherwise stated, you must complete all events for a character in the week you start to recruit them.

Rinna - One of two ways:
1) Meet her at the Inn on Day 3 of the first week to take part of her tour. After you gain at least one ally in week two, there will be a scene at the beginning of Week 3 at the Inn where she overhears your conversation. On Day 3 of this week, meet Rinna's father at the Inn at 7 PM to find out that she's run away. Run to her hidden place (map 6-6) to save her from Grantas and minions. She'll join you at the beginning of the next week.
2) Confront Grantus later in the game and defeat him in one on one combat. Rinna will join you afterwards.

Kyte - Visit Kyte's house in the southwest portion of map 7-5 (the building with the boat on the roof just northwest of the East Lookout). You'll play a song for Kyte and have a drink. Go back to the harbor east of the bar during the day. He should be standing next to a red boat. Recruit him and you'll have to fight. Afterwards, take him to the castle and enter in the side entrance on the east side. After a fight, he'll be convinced and free of the time loop.

Rummy - On Day 2, be at the beach (map 5-7) by 7 AM. There you will meet Rummy, who is finishing a dip in the ocean. Later that day, meet her at the Restaurant in map 5-5 at 7:30 PM. You'll walk her home to the first house in the map 7-4. On day three, visit her house between 12 -6 PM. You'll hear her mutter something but won't be able to get in. On day four between 12-6 PM, go to Rummy's room in the castle (first floor southeast corner). She'll run off. Read the notes on her table and then grab the flower. After a fight, you'll get the Nightmare Flower. Go to the kitchen between 7-8 PM and add the Nightmare Flower to the Blue Glass. After another fight, the dinner scene will replay. Afterwards, Rummy will find you and join.

Plosi - (First available in week 3) To find Plosi's house, you have to head out east on the path behind the Inn and take a U-turn at the first northern path, which will turn you back to the west. Take the path back through the town center map under the bridge and into the next panel. Run through the park/shrine into the next area. Plosi's house will be down a wooden path on map 6-3. Take Mouse there by himself on Day One or Two between 12-6 PM. Plosi will ask you to bring back a female. Get one of the women you've recruited and come back before 6 AM on the third day. Go back with that same person on Day Three between 6 and 9 AM. He'll take you to the castle where you get attacked. After a meeting with the princess, he will become an ally.

Claire - To get Claire, go to the bar in map 6-5 between 8 PM and 12 AM (Days 1-4). The bar is in the southeastern corner. There you will meet Claire. Buy a bottle of liquor and give it to her. The next day, visit her at her shop in map 6-3. Leave the building to trigger an event where she joins you.

Bagoth - Talk to Bagoth after the ceremony on day two (8 AM - map 4-7). Afterwards, talk to him in the castle at 1 PM and reply NO when he asks your opinion. Run down to the room next to Ano's (2nd floor, northwest corner). Talk to the researchers and then talk to Ano in the next room. Run around the east side of the castle and talk to the gardener Jaelson. Fight the plant and take the key from Jaelson. Go to his room on the second floor, east-side, before 6 PM. Take his clothes and go to the waiting room outside Ano's room. Use the clothes and get the Demon Reactor key from Ano. On the fourth day, be at the door to the Demon Reactor by 8 PM. Bagoth turns up. Talk to him and go in. A tough boss fight ensues. Afterwards, Bagoth will join you.

Ano - On Day 3, visit Ano in his room on the 2nd floor of the castle (northwest corner) between 12-6 PM. Talk to him and then talk to the researchers in the next room. One will talk about the golden feather pen. Go to the pen shop in map 7-3. Talk to the lady and then go to the Hunter's Village (6-2) to get another feather. Take Rummy and Bagoth with you. Rummy will get you past the guard at the far south of 7-3. Take this path west/north to 7-2, through 6-2, 6-3, 5-3, 5-2 and so on. Basically, you need to get to 6-2 by going north and then backtracking southeast. When you get there, during the day, talk to a little girl by the archery targets about the golden bird. Then talk to the man in the blue vest. Afterwards, head to the cemetery in 3-2. Bagoth will get you past the guard there. Between 12-6 AM, find the large golden bird and fight it. Take the feather back to the pen shop. Six hours later, get the pen and take it to Ano between 12 and 6 PM on day 5. A boss fight breaks out. Afterwards, Ano joins you.

Gallhint - If you want to get Beak and Fang, recruit them first! If you get Gallhint first, you won't be able to get them. On days 1-3, talk to Rinna's dad any time in the morning to get the broken watch. Take it to Claire at her shop. Either during that week, or any following the broken watch incident, visit Gallhint in his hideout in map 3-7 on day 1 or 2 between 12 and 6 PM. You'll have to fight his minions in the north part of map 4-7 to gain access. On day 3 between 12 and 6 PM, revisit his hideout to explain the time loop to him. On the next week, meet Rinna on day 2 from 1-4 PM in map 6-4. Go immediately to Gallhint's hideout. Now, wait for Xelpherpolis' speech on day 3 at 7:45 PM in the castle yard. A fight will break out between Xelpherpolis and you. After the fight, you will be asked a YES or No question. Note: Your answer to this question will in no way affect your ability to recruit Beak and Fang. If you answered YES and a series of scenes will play out in an alternate dream world. Go to the fighting arena in 6-5 (along the same path as the Inn) and talk to the old man. You'll fight in the tournament. The next day, head to Claire's shop and get the broken watch out of the time safe. Things will revert back to normal. If you answered NO, then you will wake up on the lawn outside the castle. Go find Rummy on the beach in map 5-7 where you first ran into her while she was bathing. Now, go back to the Inn and Beak will be there (if you did the Beak and Fang Quest first). After Claire opens up the mirror to the World of Darkness, return to Gallhint's hideout and talk to him. Then, go back to the mirror and head into the World of Darkness. He'll join you.

Beak & Fang - On day 4 of any week, go to the beach in map 2-3 without Kyte in your party. On any following week, you find a man in Kyte's place who says the same thing as Kyte did before. Now, head to the Woodcutter's Village in 4-6 by heading through the southern path in map 7-3 and taking the path northwest and then east through the swamp. Arrive during the day and talk to one of the men near the lift to find out that you need to get parts to repair it. Head back to Mouse's Upgrade Shop, get the parts and return. After you hand them over, go to one of the guys (Varley, who is by the gate from 6 AM-12, or chopping wood in the Southeast corner from 12-6 PM) to get the "Celestial Road" song. Head to the abandoned village in 1-4 and play the song while facing the large tree surrounded by mushrooms. Enter to reach the Celestial Village. Talk to the Celestial Leader during the day, then go to the pit in the center of the village and look down. Then, talk to the Celestial Man seated on the tree stump near the Leader's house to find out that you need to purchase a Falcon ride. Go to the Falconer and pay 10,000 G to get a ride. Next, take Mouse through the multi-level dungeon, at the bottom of which is Kyte and a boss. After defeating the boss and escaping the dungeon, you send a message for Mouse's two allies. They'll turn up later in the game (For Beak check Gallhint's entry). Fang will turn up during a boss fight later.

Llyod* - After a fight with Jawaros and Llyod, Ano will pick up his parts. During the following week, Clair and Ano will work to repair him. Give Claire all three treasures and the next week he will join you.

Grantus* - After you defeat him at Ano's Dungeon return there later and put a Wish Flower on his grave (bought at flower shop on beach in map 6-4) and after a little bit of playing he will join. On the top floor of the flower shop a man will tell the story of a hero defeating an evil man and putting flowers on his grave then comes back to life.

* Thanks to Brad Flikeid for filling in the gaps here.


 Basic Tips 

With so much going on, use the following tips to help you with some of the smaller aspects.

1) If you're running into too many random battles for your liking, use FOG SPHERES to reduce the random encounter rate. These items can be found in various places, but can also be bought in the Coal Miner Village in map 4-4 for 800 G. They last about a day and can be useful in surviving dungeons.
2) Remember where you find items. When the week repeats itself, most chests and hidding places will refill. Items that can be equipped and special items (Death Hiyako eggs) won't be refilled, but basic items (Live Berries) will.
3) On tougher creatures, make sure to try and paralyze them to give your characters more time to fight. Some suggestions - Mouse's Duet, Rummy's Scissor Kick or Bagoth's Bashing. Note: When you face Xelpherpolis in Gallhint's quest, he can be paralyzed, even if for a little time.
4) Low attacks, like Rummy's Scissor Kick have no effect on flying creatures. But, if you use her Hi-Kick on flying creatures, it does extra damage
5) If your enemies are grouped in the center, use area attacks, like Mouse's Charging Strike, Rummy's Swirling Kick or Bagoth's Terra Break to inflict damage to all.
6) Mouse can learn skills from his allies. Be careful when you use these skills, though, because they do take some HPs to use.
7) The Party Level determines the HPs and MPS that all of your character's have. The Character's Level determines what magic they have. Arts are gained by using other arts until they gain new levels.
8) During the dream sequence (Gallhint's recruitment), go down to the harbor in map 7-5 and challenge the swimmer to a race. Here, you have to tap the X button very fast to out-swim him. If you win, you'll get a Death Hiyako Egg.
9) Death Hiyako (Chickens) - These cute litte chicklets can be used as a fourth member of your party. Take the eggs to the Hiyako Coop in map 7-3. Come back in a little bit and some of the eggs will hatched. Take one of the Death Hiyako with you to help out. While they don't have a lot of HP and you can't control them, they can act as a deterent, taking attacks from enemies that might have otherwise hit your own characters. Think of them as disposable allies.
10) When you visit the hag in map 1-6, you'll have to tell her the names of her daughters. They are as follow: Lilac, Helenum, Lupinus and Almeria.
11) Make sure to place your items in the magical safe in Claire's shop before day 5 is over. Always put all of your money in the safe. If you do so, you'll start the next week with 300 G, free of charge.
12) The Powered Jump is a skill that Mouse can learn which doubles as both an attack and as an option during the game. Use the Powered Jump while walking around to be able to go to any map piece that you have already found. After learning this, getting from one place to another is a snap. Mouse learns this skill randomly from Rummy's Diving Kick. To get Diving Kick for Rummy, use the following path: Hard Punch Lvl 1 > High Kick Lvl 5 > Diving Kick.

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