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Lord of all that is blue -or- Grunt in Sector 7G

Gamer since conception, 32 years young and still gaming.

Games - Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle series, Final Fantasy VII, and Raiden II
Game genres - RPG, Strategy RPG, Simulation, shump, action...pretty much anything except survival/horror.
Music - U2, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Evanescence, Swimmer, and all classic rock.
Movies - The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is the finest film ever created. Also enjoy Jurassic Park and The Matrix, but only the first of each series.
Collectibles - Anything to do with U2. Don't really get into the figures, cards, and such.
Anime/Magna - Not very much. Akira kicks arse as does Fist of the North Star (the movie more than the series). Golgo 13 is also very well done.

"The most intelligent fans are the ones who don't engage in utterly inane, extremely repetitive, ultimately pointless, and unceasing debates over which console will win." — gking


Virtua Fighter 4
Test Drive
Tactics Ogre: Knights of Lodis