10 Figures/Series we'd like to see [3/02/01]

In the world of toys and collectibles, one might think that just about everything has been done. And, you might be right if you've been watching everything that's been hitting the store shelves recently. But, we've still managed to make a list of toys that we'd like to see. Some haven't been made because of legal reasons (see Dracula below), and others just haven't been made because the fans haven't screamed for it loud enough. Check out our list.

1. Hanna Barbera's Cartoon Oldies - We'd like to see a collection, in the same vein as the current Simpson's line, starring Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear, Wally Gator, and a couple others. Maybe Jinx the Cat and Top Cat. They could probably do at least two or three lines before going into the sidekicks and lesser know characters.

2. Bela Lugosi's Dracula - Yes, we know that Exclusive Premier put out of a figure of him, but we're talking about a figure in the Universal Studio's series. Everything else they've done has been excellent, but any true collector wants Bela to fill out the series. The only problem is that is his estate has the rights to his likeness, meaning Universal Studios can't get the rights to make the figure without a legal battle. What a shame..

3. Final Fantasy VI - With probably the greatest cast of any Final Fantasy, we wonder why anybody has snatched this one up. RPG fanboys would scoop up as many of these figures that would hit the shelves. We just ask that whoever does them sticks to Amano's character illustrations.

4. Anne Rice's Vampires - This is another case where there are a large cast of characters and a devoted fan base. So, why no figures?

5. Marilyn Manson - McFarland Toys has done everyone from Ozzy Ozbourne to Janis Joplin (why?), why not do the Alice Cooper of our generation?

6. Phantasy Star Online - I'll say this much - Even if the Dreamcast may be going under, they still have one of the coolest RPGs out. The character designs are great and a full set of figures would compliment this.

7. Angel - Yeah, David Boreanaz had a figure from when he was with Buffy, but we figured his series earned a toy line of their own. Maybe the first series should include Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn and David Nesbitt.

8. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - Devoted fans of the now-defunct series would love to have these goofs around. The only problem is that they probably could only musted up one series, but maybe they'd do both Joel and Mike along with the bots.

9. Chrono Cross - Over 40 characters, great visuals, excellent character design, storied past history... No figures? What a shame.

10. Blair Witch - Why not? It's probably the only thing they didn't try to do when they released the first movie. Maybe, even give the figures talking action, so we can hear Heather's shrill annoying voice.

- - Kinderfeld

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