X-Men Legends Website Opens [05/13/04]

Courtesy of Step-3 and the Mutant Vault, the Official Website for the upcoming X-Men Legends RPG is now available. The website comes with interviews, character art, screenshots and tons of info on the title. When you first load the site, you're treated to a wonderful preview CG video that shows off the premise behind the story. Once into the site, you can select from the heroes (currently only Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm and Nightcrawler are available) to view screenshots, art and even gameplay video (click here for Jean Grey footage) on the character. For a sample, check these images below.

For those who want to start their own site, there's a site kit available. Be sure to check out the site on a regular basis for updates. While the site already has a ton of great info, there's obviously a lot of space left open for tons more before the game launches.

- - Kinderfeld

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