WA Passes Violent Games Law [5/22/03]

As reported on Yahoo, the state legislature of Washington has passed a law prohibiting the sale of violent games to minors. Signed into law by Governor Gary Locke, the bill, sponsored by Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, will fine any retailer $500 for selling or renting to minors any game that depicts violence to police.

While this law will be immediately challenged in court on the basis of free speech, it proves to be part of a growing trend of legislature in which the government, both federal and state, have been trying to get violent videogaming material out of the hands of younger gamers.

For more information on the law, go to the Washington State Legislative Website.

Editor's Comments: Personally, I think it's sad that the government has to step in and make laws to enforce the ESRB ratings. Whether the law gets struck down in the courts or not, the sales of Mature rated games to minors may become a stronger issue for each company and store to deal with on their own. Don't be to surprised to see larger chains, Like Electronics Boutique, to make a more concerted effort to ask for proof of age before certain game sales.

-- Kinderfeld, Editor

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