Resonance Announced [04/08/04]

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For Immediate Release

Resonance, by Neocell Factory Montreal, Canada – April 7, 2004

Resonance is the tale of a dark secret, a terrible mystery gnawing at the heart of a troubled kingdom. Faye Wynter, an orphan raised by the king himself and now one of his best agents, is sent to investigate the tragic disappearance of the king’s youngest son. Her special abilities and use of the Resonance make her the ideal choice for this delicate mission. Her inquiry leads her to a remote village where she embarks into a journey of fear and terror that reveals the darkest side of humanity and sheds light on her own origins. Her witchcraft powers won’t be too much against the dangerous zealots, grotesque misfits and evil worshippers she will face along the way.

Resonance is a new Survival-Horror RPG developed with the Gamebryo engine from NDL. Setting itself apart from the tedious camera angles of traditional survival horror games, Resonance lets you play a character in 3rd person perspective. For details:

You’ve explored all the mansions and ghost towns out there, now prepare for something very different...

Key Features

  • Survival-Horror/RPG hybrid combines the best of both genres.
  • 15 special powers, each with their own distinctive gameplay
  • Large arsenal of melee and powder weapons.
  • Original dark fantasy setting inspired by the Renaissance.
  • Open-ended levels with a variety of environments.
  • Dozens of compelling side quests.
  • Using Gamebryo engine, from NDL.
  • The resonance is also a special power that provides a unique gameplay experience

is presently being developed for the Xbox and will be released in Q4 2004. Although Neocell Factory would like to port Resonance to other console platforms, namely the Gamecube and PS2, this is a decision that will be taken at a later date. For this reason, no tentative release date can be given at this time for these platforms.

About Neocell Factory
Neocell Factory is a new Montreal based development studio composed of industry veterans from Ubisoft, Gameloft and Vircom Interactive. The company objective is to create quality and fun games with original settings and compelling storylines. An underlying and constant goal is to push the artistic and technological limits of our products to better serve gamers.

- - Kinderfeld

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