SNK Returns [4/29/03]

As reported on Gaming Age and GameDaily, it looks like fan favorite and NeoGeo developer SNK will be making a triumphant return from the void in America. While they closed up shop in Fall of 2001, it looks that you can't keep a good company down.

To head up the newly renamed American office of SNK NEOGEO USA Corp. is Ben Herman, who was the Vice President of the former SNK Entertainment, the original American office of SNK. The new branch of SNK already has license rights from Nintendo to make new GBA games and is considering developing for the PS2, PSone, Xbox and Gamecube. Herman was quoted on the subject: "Whether it's the current generation (of consoles) that we develop for, or its new platforms in 2004 or 2005, we are going to develop for them. We make games in Japan for PS2, and we plan to convert them—and make others—for play here in the states."

On the slate is Metal Slug Advance and King of Fighters 2001 and the company promises to show footage of SNK vs Capcom at E3. Herman also hinted at a new Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug 3D and even a new Baseball Stars game.

Hopefully, we'll see more details at E3.

- - Kinderfeld

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