Playstation 2 - Greatest Hits line [03/17/02]

As first reported on Gamespot, Sony has decided to continue it's popular Greatest Hits series on the new console, with an imminent launch planed for some time during April 2001. The initial line-up includes ATV Offroad Fury, Dark Cloud, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, and Twisted Metal: Black, and prices will be set at $24.99. In Europe, a similar line, called the Platinum Series is available. For a title to be considered, it has to sell in excess of 400,000 units and be out for at least nine months. Expect a number of popular titles, like Onimusha and SSX to likewise get added to the roster in the next few months.

Andrew House, senior vice president of SCEA commented on the new price-reduced series: "Historically, we have always taken a very consumer-centric approach to the market. We are focused on presenting users with the best entertainment experience at compelling prices, further extending the PlayStation 2 value proposition by consistently passing on savings to the consumer. With such strong software support for the PlayStation 2 we now are able to offer must-have games for around $25."

For those who disliked the bright green packaging of the Playstation line, fear not. This time around the packaging (see sample of GT3 packaging to right; click on for larger picture) is in a more burgundy red and is a lot less intrusive. But, then again, for half the price, who cares what the packaging looks like.

- - Kinderfeld

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