Tenchu®: RFD: Fan Site Kite Available [02/05/04]

Want to make your own fan site for the upcoming Tenchu: Return From Darkness? Well, now you have the tools to do so. Now available at the official website, http://www.returnfromdarkness.com, is a fan site kit that gets web designers well on their way to developing their site before the launch of the game in March.

Available in the kit (which is a .zip file running at almost 4 MB in size) are:

  • Box Art
  • 11 pieces of character art
  • Two Tenchu: Return from Darkness logo variations
  • Activision logo
  • Nine screenshots
  • Fact sheet
  • Character Bios

You'll also find some of the info and screens we've shown in our earlier previews ([01/18/04], [01/27/04]).

Once you get your website up, feel free to contact Jon Lenaway at Step-3 to be kept in the loop of future Tenchu: Return From Darkness information.

- - Kinderfeld

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