X-Men Legends Pictures and Art [01/27/04]

Courtesy of Step-3 and Activision we have new screens and art for the upcoming X-Men RPG, X-Men Legends. As you can tell from the screenshots, the developers have decided to alter the graphics engine somewhat, giving the characters cel-shading-like outlines to make them fit the look of the comics. The captions below are courtesy of Activision and Step-3.

Wolverine skulks through a layout sketch of the sewers.

Cyclops surveys a layout sketch of the sewers.

Wolverine and team tear through GRSO soldiers. This image illustrates the distinctive new look by Raven that showcases the visual contrast in X-Men Legends through enhanced character outlines and saturated colors, without adding a cartoon feel.

Wolverine and company shred GRSO troops on the deck of the Arbiter. The textures and models in X-Men Legends reflect their comic book roots in the Ultimate X-Men series, giving the title a look all its own.

Action and RPG collide in X-Men Legends, as Wolverine prepares for battle. Gamers hand-pick X-Men for each mission, and customize each character’s attributes to create their ideal squad.

With a little help from his friends, even Sentinels are no match for Wolverine. In X-Men Legends, players train their X-Men characters and control them both individually and as a team.

- - Kinderfeld

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